50 Best New Years Eve Party Ideas

Awesome New Years Eve party ideas for adults to celebrate at home, with festive decorations, activities, themes, appetizers, and cocktails . These easy ideas include free printable signs to decorate with.

party food table decorated with gold and black

New Years Eve party ideas at home

There’s no better way to celebrate the end of the year than to host a New Years Eve party for adult friends or neighbors.

Over the years we’ve done some fun things for NYE like going to the big hotel events, intimate dinner parties, big bash house parties, and even bar parties – okay, that was in my 20’s. But I still prefer to host an intimate gathering for our closest friends.

Keep the party small-ish. Invite 12 to 16 friends. That number of guests is large enough to be a party, but small enough that you can spend quality time with each other. Here are some of the best ideas to help you host a New Years Eve party, too.

black and gold party food buffet


It all starts with a color scheme and since it’s the end of year celebration, black and gold or silver is the perfect combination.

Combine black and white fabric with gold sequined fabric to create a sparkling table cover. A black and white chevron print adds a graphic punch and a nice contrast.

PARTY TIP: Use fabric straight off the bolt for an easy and inexpensive decorating option.

gold and white balloon bundle


Blow up balloons and include them in the decor. Get small helium tanks from the party store to give you floating balloons that you can attach to the ends of buffet tables, or set up a tablescape with balloon centerpiece.

bar cart with champagne and paper fans decor above

Paper fans

Use paper fans en masse to create an interesting backdrop. Attach them to the wall in an off-center or overlapping pattern, or hang them from the ceiling for movement. They sort of remind me of champagne bubbles!

happy new year sign in white frame

Printable signs

Download this free New Years Eve printable sign to frame and add to the table. It’s not year specific so you can use it year after year.

Label your food and drinks with these free printable tent cards. Or use them as place cards for a new years eve dinner party.

champagne flutes with mini bow ties attached

Dress up the champagne

Include fun details for serving the bubbly, like adding DIY mini bow ties to champagne flutes.

mini champagne bottles with straws and fabric toppers

Serve mini bottles

Serve mini bottles of sparkling wine so guests can grab a bottle and keep moving. Tie on a black straw for easy sipping, and attach a printable label if you like. Top them off with a square of fabric tied on with ribbon.

party horn blowers in white holder

Noise makers

Let new years poppers and noise makers be part of the decor. Place them on a tray on the table, or add them to the center of a bundt cake for an unexpected centerpiece.

Party favors

Say “thank you” to guests and send them home with a jar or bag filled with one of our seasoned pecans recipes. Tie on one of these coordinating free printable tags. NOTE: since some have 2014 on them, you can just use the ones that say “celebrate”.

You can also make up mini hangover kits with some Ibuprofen and water bottles or Pedialyte. Add eye masks or facial masks for extra hydration the next day.

party appetizers buffet with black and gold decorations

NYE appetizers buffet menu

Serve easy appetizers for a cocktail party vibe. Since it’s new years eve you can make them a little fancy, but you also want some hearty options to help your guests make it to midnight.

For a themed idea, set up a new years eve party buffet that serves up breakfast or brunch style appetizers. It’s the perfect way to ring in the new year.

plate of appetizer sausage balls with cocktail glasses, on gray table
phyllo cup appetizers on white plate
appetizer meatballs in white dish
small party sandwiches on white tray
hummus dip in white bowl with pita chips
brie round with nut topping, on flat surface
three silver dishes with flavored pecans inside


Use these recipes to serve at the party or to package up to give as party favors.

silver tray with caviar, potato chips, and toppings


Add an element of surprise and decadence with a caviar bar. You can find affordable roe in the $30 range at higher end grocery stores (like Wegman’s).

Keep it on ice and serve with a small spoon made from ceramic or other material. Don’t use metal spoons; it will alter the taste of the caviar.

champagne cocktails in different glasses, on table

What to drink

If it’s a new years celebration you have to have champagne! Set up a bubbly bar cart with delicious liqueurs to add in, or make one of these gold colored cocktail recipes your signature drink for the night.

Party punch

Punch is obviously a great option to serve a crowd, too. Serve up a sparkling champagne party punch to help ring in the new year. The gold color matches the decor; always a good idea for a signature drink!

This whiskey sour punch with salted honey simple syrup is a guaranteed winning recipe!

Our sparkling fruit punch can be made with champagne or make it without alcohol. A great option for designated drivers.

This easy peach punch starts with a mixer so you can put it together quickly and make it ahead.

gold jello cubes in mini martini glasses

New years eve jello shots

Set out some fun and festive champagne jello squares for a classy take on the old jello shot idea. Serve them in mini martini glasses, or pass around a tray of small paper cups filled with these treats.

jars of popcorn and champagne bottles on white table

Get the party poppin’

Set up a popcorn & champagne bar for a unique party idea that combines dessert with cocktails. Just pour store bought sweet popcorn into jars and provide paper sacks for guests to fill.

Set out bottles of bubbly along with glasses so guests can help themselves.

black and silver dessert table


Provide a festive dessert table with mini desserts and bite size options. Hang a decorative backdrop like hanging beads, mylar curtain, paper fans, or a simple piece of fabric.

You can go with a theme like all chocolate, or make some of these recipes.

Follow all the best tips for designing a dessert table, or put together a chocolate charcuterie board for a super simple dessert option.

3 ladies in front of silver streamers photo booth

Photo booth

Document the evening with a diy photo booth that’s easy to make. Just hang a mylar curtain against a wall and provide some feather boas, mascarade masks, top hats, new years glasses, tiaras, etc.

Use any or all of these new years eve party ideas to host a fabulous celebration at home for your adult friends. They’re sure to take your entertaining to the next level!

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