Bagel Breakfast for Overnight Guests

Set up a bagel breakfast bar for overnight guests and make hosting easy. Whether you’re entertaining for Easter, Christmas or for Hanukkah, a simple bagel bar is sure to hit the spot. While you can certainly follow my tips for the ultimate bagel bar brunch, this holiday version is more paired down and geared towards convenience.

Bagel Breakfast Bar for overnight guests

Christmas bagel breakfast bar

If you’re looking for solutions for hosting overnight guests for the holidays, I’ve got you covered. Not only is it important for you to get your guest room ready, you also have to make mornings easy and convenient.

That’s why I love setting up breakfast bars where guests can help themselves. And this bagel breakfast lets them enter the day at a leisurely pace.

This breakfast is easy on the host, because you can have New Yorker Bagels delivered right to your door with FREE overnight shipping. That means you spend less time at the grocery store or running errands while you still get fresh authentic New York bagels. 

holiday bagel breakfast bar with Christmas tree wall decor
how to serve bagels at a party in gold wire baskets

How to serve bagels at a party

The first thing to think about when setting up your breakfast bar is how to display bagels. I found these cute gold wire baskets and they’re the perfect size for filling with different varieties of bagels.

The baskets look like those displays you see in bakeries and bagel shops. When you use the baskets, you can stack the bagels in rows or simply pile them in.

Another option for serving bagels is to place them on cake pedestals or inside bowls. Pedestals always add a festive touch to any party buffet.

Toppings are kept to a minimum while still providing savory and sweet options. And accompanying items include two easy protein options and a festive coffee punch.

how to display bagels in a wire basket
tray and bowls of salmon, cream cheese, sour cream with capers and onions

Easy buffet

Make sure to provide some protein for balanced nutrition.

For this buffet I included 6 different bagel flavors. Three of them are savory and three of them are sweet. This way you sort of get a “main course” and a “dessert course.”

The New Yorker Bagels are all vegan and certified Kosher. There are healthful options like Quinoa Multigrain, Cranberry Energy and four varieties of Whole Wheat. As well as decadent flavors like French Toast, Apple Cinnamon, and Bialys. Build a box of 12 bagels from there list of 22 different flavor varieties here.

If you’ve ever had a real New York bagel you probably know how special and delicious they are. On our trip to New York last summer we fell in love with them, piled high with schmears of cream cheese!

Holiday Bagel Breakfast Bar, bagels on cake pedestal
Tray of coffee drinks and flowers in vase

Bagel toppings

Top the bagels savory and sweet options. You can divide the table in half with savory on one side and sweets on the other.

  • veggie cream cheese
  • smoked salmon with sour cream, capers, and pickled onions
  • strawberry cream cheese
  • apple butter
  • peanut butter

Each topping provides a different flavor profile.

Breakfast Bar overhead view of bagels and salmon and toppings.
overhead view of bagels on a plate and toppings
mini bowls of sweet toppings

What to serve with bagels

Balance is important so I like to add some protein to breakfast. Here the smoked salmon is served alongside Canadian bacon.

Canadian bacon is quicker and easier to cook than regular bacon. It’s also leaner!

To round out a Christmas morning breakfast, serve coffee eggnog punch with or without alcohol.

Or you can set up a holiday coffee bar with holiday add-ins.

Coffee Eggnog punch on tray, overhead view
bagel halves topped with sweet and savory spreads
a stack of bagels in different flavors

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