Ideas For an Ice Cream Sundae Party


ice-cream-partySince school is ending and the kids have a long hot summer ahead of them, why not celebrate with an end of school ice cream party? This was the idea behind the article I did for Yum Food & Fun for Kids’ Summer issue {on news stands now}. The styling is simple as it needs to appeal to “every mom” and be totally do-able. I’m sharing my favorite tips to pull this type of party together, at the bottom, but first here’s the inside “scoop.”

The timing was early February and the assignment was “SUMMER” party. Well, Virginia is not exactly green and warm in February but we made the best of it. Actually, we’ve had a mild winter so I thought, “no problem – the weatherman says 60’s and sunny on Friday, we can set up the shoot then.” Wrong! It ended up being 45 and cloudy! Great for keeping the ice cream from melting…not so great for kids who need to be in shorts and tee shirts. They were troopers though, and we got it done. Of course the big reward of ice cream didn’t hurt either ; D

ice cream party

Ideas to incorporate:

  • Use a garden shelf to set up a “build your own sundaes” bar
  • Pre-scoop ice cream balls into acrylic sundae bowls {from Hobby Lobby}
  • Place dry toppings in classic sundae glasses {from Walmart}
  • Pour wet toppings into small carafes {recycled salad dressing bottles}
  • Use coordinating fabric patterns and colors inside painted frames for simple decor
  • Line a serving tray with more fabric; tie remnants around carafes
  • Wrap whipped cream can with matching scrapbook paper
  • Serve ice cream cones inside a tall apothecary jar for an ‘ice cream parlor’ feel
  • Offer sherbet filled ‘push ups’ for a bit of nostalgia.  Thanks to Confetti Sunshine for push pop containers
  • Display push ups inside a low vase fitted with Styrofoam; cover foam with candies
  • Have yard games available for kids to play with, like jump ropes, ball toss, hula hoops, etc.

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  1. I love those ideas:) When i was little, all we had is to play outside in the garden having only bicycles or ball 😉 It is amazing how it has changed since then. Now our kids can have real, decent parties in the garden and play with different toys and don’t get messy as we did. Love that post!

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