Ice Cream Sandwich Bar for Summer Parties

Set up an ice cream sandwich bar for your summer parties. Let guests create ice cream sandwiches and ice cream floats for a casual dessert that’s fun for all. This design is a perfect idea for 4th of July parties

ice cream sandwich bar

An ice cream sandwich bar is great as a casual dessert for summer entertaining, especially for the 4th of July. See how easy it is to create this fun food station and let the summer parties begin!

I can’t believe it’s that time already, but the weather is begging for us to plan those outdoor parties. If you’re hosting a Memorial Day party or any party for the season, set up a fun interactive ice cream sandwich & float bar for guests to help themselves.

The idea is simple. Provide ice cream along with cookies and soda for a “make-your-own” station. You can make your cookies from scratch or buy them, but variety is key. The same is true for the sodas – the more flavors the better. Keep it casual and easy to access, and follow my tips below for everything you need to know to set up your own ice cream bar.

For more ice cream dessert bar ideas see my ‘build-your-own banana splits‘ and ice cream soda bar.

Decorate an Ice Cream Bar for July 4th

ice cream bar decorated for July 4thice cream bar sign ice cream scoops in bucket cookies in mini bucketsboy eating ice cream cookie sandwich vintage soda crate root beer floatIce Cream Sandwich bar tips

  • Pre-scoop vanilla ice cream balls and keep them in the freezer until ready to serve. If you have an insulated server like this one, it will keep the ice cream from melting too quickly. Have a large spoon handy for grabbing a scoop.
  • Provide 3-5 different types of cookies so guests can taste a variety. They may even want to mix-n-match cookies creating a really unique ice cream sandwich.
  • Use chalkboard signs and tags to label everything.
  • To make it interesting you’ll need more than just root beer for this float station. I’ve also added pomegranate soda, and blueberry soda. Orange would be fantastic too!
  • Make sure you have a bottle opener handy to open the soda bottles.
  • Canning jars {8 oz} are the perfect size to make your floats in. Don’t forget the straws!

This would be a terrific idea for a child’s birthday or end of school party, as well as 4th of July celebration or backyard cookout. Decorate using patriotic colors as I’ve done here, or any palette that suits the theme. 

Your guests will love this dessert bar. Money back guarantee!

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