Mother’s Day Brunch Ideas

What do you have planned for Mother’s Day? With a few days left to plan, I’ve put together some brunch ideas that are pretty and festive and a great way to enjoy the morning.  

Whether you want to create this for your own mother, a group of girlfriends who are moms, or set the table for you and your own young children, here is the plan for you. 

Set the Table

  • Set a pretty, but simple table with a lace table topper and a few bunches of flowers.
  • Lace and doilies always say “mom” or “ladies” to me.
  • Keep the flowers in one or two colors for a stronger statement.
  • Tie on a special chair sign so mom knows exactly where to sit.


Serve a menu of delicious food that pleases everyone’s palette. 

  • Individual portions of quiche or frittatas makes for a pretty presentation and is a hearty main course.  
  • Who doesn’t love bacon, right! Add a twist with this cornmeal & brown sugar coated recipe.
  • Growing up in the South, biscuits are a staple at the breakfast table. Serve them with a variety of flavored butters. Choose both savory and sweet options – herb, honey walnut, fruit flavors.
  • Serve fresh fruit with a little yogurt and granola to end the meal on a light and healthy note.
  • Finally, make a sweet toast to mom with a mimosa, and have a Happy Mother’s Day!

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  1. This is so beautiful love the menu! Happy Mothers Day! wish you a beautiful and blessed day

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