Beautiful Brunch Table

Get ideas for a beautiful brunch table buffet for entertaining at home. 

beautiful brunch table buffetI love a brunch party almost as much as I love a cocktail party, and this brunch table styled by Trish of Frilly Milly Events, for a recent baby shower, is so appetizing and pretty to look at.  I love Trish’s inspiration which was the “old-fashioned comfort food” she used to enjoy at her grandparent’s farm. See the details below and for more brunch ideas check out this gorgeous brunch cheese board.
I love the art of food display.  The bacon skewers, and the french toast triangles are both whimsical and unique, while the donut hole topiaries are an easy, yet eye-catching focal point.  The fantastic chalkboard sign is a re-purposed mirror that Trish found at a thrift store, painted, and added chalkboard paint to the center to create a fabulous piece that can be used over and over again. 
Individual fruit cups and mini chalkboard labels are added, and a pretty fabric backdrop and simple flowers are all that’s needed to complete the look.  Sometimes a very simple approach to styling can be the most attractive of all!
Designer – Frilly Milly Events Photographer – Lauren Blair Photography

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  1. I just came across this on Stumbleupon! Oh my! What a beautiful, beautiful brunch! Everything about it is lovely!

  2. Cute! But….Unless most of your guests are strict, and I mean STRICT, vegetarians, there is nowhere near enough bacon. Just sayin’.

  3. Hi there! I love this shower set up. I’m wondering where you got your mini chalkboards & about what size they are…2″x4″? Also, are they just resting on the dishes and how did you have the others hanging? Thanks so much!!

    1. Posted above comment before I’d finished writing (ooooops!) – for…a baby shower, think the chalkboard is fab!

  4. Idea for brunch —
    red wine and chocolate….wear your pearls and a black dress. Make it lah de dah.

    I haven’t done this one yet, but want to.
    You could do this with fancy teacups, make it a high tea. Serve — red wine of course, and good quality chocolate – have mocha hot drink, pink lemonade, pinkish cake or even red velvet? – Drag out the silver too.
    Be southern – fancy cloth napkins and beautiful plates.
    Flowers…oh yes.

    Just getting ideas here…if anyone expands on this, let me know! Thank you beautiful women!!

  5. This is such a nice spread. I love the french toast with the syrup. The next time I have a brunch party, I will definitely use this spread as my inspiration! Thank you for sharing

  6. Such a beautiful brunch table! I’ve been looking for ideas to throw a baby shower brunch myself. One question though — won’t the french toast, bacon and quiche be cold by the time people eat them?? How did you address this?! Thanks!

    1. Hi DD,
      I would suggest setting out the bacon first, since it can be served at room temperature, then the quiche, so it has time to cool, and finally the toast. It might take some real “time management” to have things ready very close to serving time.

  7. what it says on the chalkboard! my dad always read that book to me,.. bittersweet :’)

  8. I love the book you got the quote from! I love love all the ideas you have. So cute and creative! The donut hole towers and the french toast are great. Everything is just fantastic!

    1. Hi Jennifer,
      Foam cone from the craft store and toothpicks! Cover the foam with plastic wrap to protect the food from touching it, then push toothpicks into the foam and push a donut hole onto it. : )

  9. Just curious if anyone knows if the bacon was ‘skewered’ before cooking or if you poke the kabob stick in after it’s done? This is one of the most beautiful set-ups I’ve seen and can’t wait to snag *cough* uh-hummm… “borrow” these ideas!!

    1. Hi Melissa,
      Yes, you skewer the bacon beforehand and bake in the oven. You should let the skewers soak in water for 15 – 20 minutes first so they don’t burn.

  10. How was the backdrop hung? I have a pvc frame backdrop but it sits away from the wall. Can you suggest how to have the frame still sitting up if isn’t able to rest against the wall? Maybe I need to go with an alternative backdrop?

    1. Hi Morgan,
      When we have used a pipe & drape backdrop, we secured the frame with heavy duty fishing line to the pipe also {at the top}. Hope that helps.

  11. Those fruit cups are so cute!! and yes please share the recipe for the coffee cake!! great job on this one!

  12. That quote… at the start.. My god, when I was a baby my mother would read a book to me with that quote. Love you forever, like you for always, as long as I’m living, my baby you’ll be…
    Thanks stumbleupon, and this site, you made me nostalgia my childhood hard.

  13. I love having brunches… but its always tough setting up the table and deciding what to make …. thanks for sharing it.. 🙂 loved it

  14. Beautiful! Love the little chalkboard labels and donut topiary!

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