How To Set Up A Coffee Bar for Entertaining

See how to set up a coffee bar for entertaining with these tips. Get coffee bar ideas for a party or brunch and offer your guests hot coffee with dessert. Here’s everything you need for setting up a hot coffee station.

how to set up a coffee bar for a party

These tips for setting up a coffee bar can also be applied to a hot cocoa bar

If your family & friends are anything like mine, coffee is a necessity of life! We drink it in the morning, in the afternoon, and some even drink it at night. But for special occasions I love the decadence of adding flavors to coffee.

Adding things you wouldn’t drink every day like flavored liqueurs or whipped cream are what make a coffee bar so special. Add in some chocolate treats and you basically have a marriage made in heaven. Speaking of marriage, this would be a delicious addition to a bridal shower or a ladies luncheon

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coffee and condiments tray coffee bar pitchers and mugs flavored liqueurs in pouring bottles regular and decaf coffee pitchers chocolate stir sticks and covered coffee beans coffee tray for entertaining raw sugar cubes in bowls coffee mugs with diy stir sticks chocolate biscotti in glass jar mug of coffee with chocolate biscotti on top

How to Set up a Coffee Bar

Create a total look to the coffee bar by adding DIY design touches. A vintage look is added here with newspaper print.

It’s a good idea to set up the coffee in a place that’s away from heavy traffic. A side table, desk, or counter top would work just fine. 

  • Make sure to have regular and decaf coffee and label them as such.
  • Provide 3 flavored liqueurs for an indulgent treat. Chocolate liqueur, Butterscotch liqueur, and Irish Cream are all great choices!

HOSTESS TIP: Inexpensive pouring spouts make it easier to pour small amounts of the liqueur and small bottles make the presentation more attractive.  

  • You’ll need to have cream and sugar for the traditionalists, and raw sugar cubes for a modern spin.
  • Flavored creamer is also a welcome addition.
  • Chocolate is a secondary feature on this coffee bar because the two go so well together. Add some chocolate covered espresso beans, and chocolate biscotti to the table.
  • Provide DIY chocolate mold stir sticks or purchase some from the store.
  • Place mugs so they’re easy to reach and use decorative stir sticks instead of spoons. You can find inexpensive mugs at the dollar stores or home stores. 

HOSTESS TIP: Put out an array of unique mugs and let guests take it home with them as a party favor.

There’s just nothing better after a delicious meal than a hot cup of coffee served with a yummy chocolate treat. 

coffee bar tray for entertaining

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  1. We’re putting together a self serve coffee bar for my son’s prom this weekend and I came across your site. Thanks so much for the inspiration!!

  2. Love this coffee bar! So cute and festive and would make a great end to any party!

  3. Nice idea! Where did you get the pouring bottles? Where did you get the cage-like shelf that you used to set your coffee cups?

    1. Thanks Kristin,

      The bottles are from Ross {also at places like Pier 1 or World Market} & the cage-thing is from TJMaxx {from last year}.

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