Kahlúa & Coffee Recipe with Irish Cream

This Kahlúa & coffee recipe with Irish Cream liqueur is absolutely delicious! A hot coffee cocktail that’s perfect for after dinner drinks or for brunch. It’s made with just 4 ingredients and topped with whipped cream for a flavorful kick. This Kahlúa cocktail will warm you from the inside out. Add it to your list of autumn cocktails.

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Kahlúa & Coffee with Irish Cream recipe for entertaining

When you’re entertaining at home and serving cocktails it’s always a good idea to create a signature drink or serve something based on the season. A coffee cocktail can get you through the fall and winter, but it’s also great for those chilly nights in early spring. Sitting outside by the fire pit sipping on a hot drink is so relaxing! 

I feel like such a grown up when I drink a hot coffee cocktail. It makes me feel like I’m living my best life, sitting by the fire at a ski resort. When in reality I’m probably in my pj’s on the couch watching RHOBH.

But, when you’re hosting at home this hot Kahlúa & Coffee recipe is an absolute MUST to add to your cocktail repertoire. Serve it in a glass mug with whipped cream on top for a delicious dessert-like drink.

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Coffee Cocktail for a Party

Here are a few of my favorite ways to incorporate this drink when I’m having a party at home.

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Drink & Dessert Recipes using Kahlua 

I’ve always been a big fan of Kahlúa. There are so many ways you can use it in recipes. It adds such rich flavor to drinks and food alike. Did you know you can even make your own homemade Kahlua?

Here are some more recipes using coffee liqueur in the ingredients. The list includes appetizers, dessert, and more drinks.

And let’s not overlook the Irish Cream in this coffee recipe. The combination of ingredients including Bailey’s is so good. This white chocolate cream cocktail also has Irish Cream but it’s a cold martini style drink. You should really give it a try too!

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Kahlúa & Coffee Recipe with Irish Cream

Yield: 1 cocktail

This Kahlúa coffee cocktail is absolutely delicious! It's perfect for after dinner drinks or for brunch. It's got not one but two flavorful liqueurs to give it a kick. This Kahlúa and coffee recipe is great for entertaining and will warm you from the inside out.


  • 8 oz hot coffee
  • 3/4 oz Kahlúa
  • 3/4 oz irish cream
  • 1 oz coffee creamer


Mix ingredients in a mug and serve with a dollop of whipped cream.

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