DIY Vintage Style Place Cards

Make my vintage style place cards with these easy directions. There’s nothing old fashioned about them! They’re charming for holiday table settings.

Make these vintage style place cards with these easy directions here.

Once again I’ve been inspired by the things I stumble across at the craft store. This time I found these fantastic vintage-style photo cards that are oozing charm and possibilities! They’ve been sitting in my craft area for several months waiting for the right project, and my Thanksgiving table from yesterday was just the thing.

I decided to pull them out and make place cards out of them. The thing that appealed to me is the fact that Thanksgiving is such a family oriented holiday and gathers together all ages, especially some of the older generations like grandparents and great uncles or aunts. The vintage look of the photo cards gives a nod to that bygone era, but the table setting is still very classic-contemporary overall.

What’s also fun about these cards is that you can match personality types with photos, and they can become a conversation piece. Of course you can always use real photos and print them out in black and white. Either way these place cards are a lovely addition to the table and are incredibly easy to make.

DIY vintage style place cards with easy directions here. DIY vintage style place cards with easy directions here.

Vintage Style Place Cards


  • Set of vintage-style photo cards {or make copies of your own photos}
  • Clear photo overlay sheets
  • Mini clothes pins
  • Marker
  • Scissors

Choose the photo cards you wan to use, and a second card that you’ll use for the back layer.

Cut a sheet of the clear overlay to fit on top of the photo card.

Write the name on the overlay and position it over the photo; Place the second card {backside up} underneath the photo and hold the 3 together with a mini clothes pin.

Fan out the bottom card so the decorative backing shows, and add to place setting.

For me, the key to this project was finding the clear overlays. I didn’t want to write directly onto the cards because you never know when you might want to reuse them for another project. The overlay allows you to write the names and protects the cards.

Make these vintage style place cards with these easy directions here.

Aren’t they a fun addition to the table! Let me know what you think.



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