White & Pink Christmas Tablescape for a Ladies Night Dinner Party

A White & Pink Christmas Tablescape is the perfect setting to celebrate with your best girl friends over a Christmas dinner party.

white & pink Christmas tablescape set in front of fireplace and Christmas tree

Pink & White Christmas Tablescape

It’s time to think about Christmas and girls night in holiday party ideas. Even if you’re in Thanksgiving mode right now, you’re surely going to want to save these ideas for next month’s parties and festivities. 

I found the most fabulous set of Christmas dishes in a gold and silver color combo. I picked up a set of 6 salad plates and was inspired to create a lovely table setting for a girls night in Christmas dinner party.

This pink and white Christmas tablescape has all the femininity you want for a pretty ladies night setting. I’ve also included some food & recipe options you can serve.

Set a White and Pink Christmas Tablescape and host a ladies only dinner party for the holidays.

White & pink Christmas tablescape, plates with Christmas tree motif white & pink Christmas tablescape, side view of table and white rose centerpiece white & pink Christmas tablescape place setting with white roses in vase centerpiece white & pink Christmas tablescape with ball ornaments as table runnerwhite & pink Christmas tablescape place setting with salad plate with star motif white & pink Christmas tablescape with pink champagne in coupe white & pink Christmas tablescape with salmon blini appetizers white & pink Christmas tablescape with scallops over pasta for entree

Girls Night In Dinner Party Table

Create a pink and white Christmas tablescape by building layers of texture and festive items.

  • Set the table in layers of pink and white for a feminine but festive atmosphere. Two sheepskin rugs act as table toppers and create a plush layer of texture and interest.
  • There are a few mix n’ match elements here. I used a combination of my silver-rimmed, and gold-rimmed dinner plates on top of gold chargers. Then I added the decorative salad plates on top. The plates come in 4 different patterns. I picked three patterns for the coordinated look I was going for. This is what I like about them being sold individually as opposed to a boxed set!
  • A simple runner of Christmas ornaments is lined down the middle of the table. This couldn’t be any easier to do, and it brings in the colors of the party.

HOSTESS TIP: Christmas ball ornaments are the single best way to add holiday flair to ANY space. Place them in bowls, line them down a table, fill a glass vase with them, put them under a cloche, etc.

  • A centerpiece of white roses is low enough for easy conversation across the table. The white vase holds an inner vessel filled with water to hold the flowers. A piece of pink sparkly scrapbook paper lines the vase and lets the pink show through the open weave.
  • Pink ribbon wraps around the plate and charger for another hit of the accent color. In addition, pink vintage glassware is an indulgent but compelling element on the table.

HOSTESS TIP: To add an accent color to a table setting, pick 3 areas for it to be added. Some good choices are ribbon, flowers, colored glassware, salad or dessert plates, napkins, ornaments, table runner or place mats, etc.

  • Even the food and drink coordinates with the setting. Serve a sparkling Rose with a pale pink tint and drop in some frozen cranberries to garnish and keep it chilled. Serve smoked salmon blini canapes for an appetizer. These are delicious and easy to make ahead. Pasta with scallops is a light entree and you can pair it with a green salad topped with dried cranberries or pomegranate arils. Other options include salmon with red pepper coulis, sauteed brussels sprouts with bacon, and lobster macaroni & cheese.
  • For dessert this cheesecake dessert fondue platter makes a gorgeous presentation!

I hope these tips help you in setting your own Christmas tablescape. You can set a stylish table for family or for entertaining friends without spending a fortune, and by investing in a few eye-catching pieces.

Choose a color that speaks to you, or that goes with the decor you already have. You can dress up a neutral space by adding some lovely pieces like I did here. I think you’ll love the look!

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  1. Hi Chris! I love how beautiful and delicate this table setting is! The reindeer salad plates are so sweet! I’ll definitely Pin this one to keep…

  2. The pops of pink with white and gold is so unexpected and fun! Very elegant at the same time. I particularly like the cute dishes and the white fur you added!! ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. I was so happy to see al of the beautiful ideas that I would have never thought of to make an absolute gorgeous table setting!

  4. This is fun and different. Would be cute for New Years Too. I have tons of pink poinsettia ribbons and other things, will have to dig them out of the Christmas boxes. T

    Last night I was checking out all of your posts trying to get inspired for a 40th birthday celebration for my husband and his buddies who are flying in from Florida this weekend.
    Thanks Chris.

  5. I love, love, loooove this table setting!!! I was just thinking of hosting a Girl Friends Thanksgiving and now I have the PERFECT idea of how and where to start!!! Never thought about using the Sheep Skin rug as a table runner.

  6. Pink and white for Christmas, OMG yes please. Love all the different elements you added. I was looking for different colors to do this year, I think I will try pink and white. Thanks for the inspiration.

  7. I personally would have never thought to use pink. It really is so elegant and how impressed would your guests be. I love the pop of color the pink brings.

  8. I did pink last year, but this table is swaying me that way again this year! ๐Ÿ˜‰
    LOVE the plates and the styling!!

  9. This is such a pretty take on Christmas decor, love seeing color palettes that go beyond red and green!

  10. This is just beautiful Chris! The perfect balance of holiday and glam. And those plates… too perfect.

  11. I’m hosting a white and pink sit-down bridal shower for 40 on Saturday. This is great inspiration. Honestly, you blow my mind with how gorgeous and detailed your table settings are. Just so good!

  12. I think that your table is gorgeous and that the food is making me want some seafood! Smoked salmon, bacon wrapped oysters, clam chowder and crab cakes.. I don’t ask for much ๐Ÿ˜‰

  13. The food is mouthwatering! I love the dainty holiday themed dishes too. Perfect for a party and get together!!

  14. I never thought that a pink and white tablescape would work so well for the holidays! I love the plates!

  15. I never really thought of those colors together for Christmas but your photos are gorgeous and makes me want to do just that!

  16. I think it is a beautiful table setting: delicate colors, festive, and food looks great ๐Ÿ™‚

  17. I love your place settings and the mix and match plates, beautiful! Off to find my own at BHG!

  18. This is gorgeous! I love pink for Christmas ๐Ÿ™‚ I’ve tried for years to convince my hubby of a pink tree


  19. Your table is beautiful . I never thought of pink and white for the holidays but it is very festive.

  20. I love gold table settings and have the silverware to match but I’ve never thought about using pink glasses, they are pretty.

  21. What a beautiful way to celebrate.! I never thought of pink and white but it works beautifully! SOOOO pretty!
    Love, love what you do!!!

  22. Love the pops of pink! Great inspiration for a cookie decorating birthday party around the holidays!

  23. Just lovely! I love pink! Those little dishes are just so cute! I love the ornament runner too!!

    1. Thanks Lynda. The dish is so simple. It’s a pasta kit (with veggie flavor pack) from Aldi stores + sauteed scallops. That’s it!

  24. What a gorgeous table setting for the Holidays! I like the plates and the white roses. The pretty color on the glasses really help this setting stand out! Love the drink, so cheery for The Holidays.

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