Easy Chocolate Dipped Biscotti

Easy chocolate dipped biscotti starts with ready-made cookies that get dipped in melted chocolate and decorated with M&M’s. No need to start from scratch with this simple dessert that’s perfect for gift giving too.

easy chocolate dipped biscotti holiday treats.

Easy Biscotti

There’s so much to do during the holidays that sometimes it’s great to have a few shortcuts up your sleeve. One of those shortcuts is dressing up store bought items to make them more gift-worthy or party-worthy.

That’s what I did for this recipe. Make these easy chocolate biscotti for the holidays and beyond.

  • They make fantastic teachers gifts
  • Take them to parties as a hostess gift
  • Use color coordinating candies to serve them at baby or bridal showers.
  • Make them any time you just want a quick and easy treat during the busy holiday season.
easy chocolate dipped biscotti holiday treats.

No-bake Dessert

It’s easy to dress up store bought biscotti by using melted chocolate and M&M’s.  I’m a big fan of dark chocolate and did you know that dark chocolate that is 70% cacao is actually GOOD for you?  Yep, it has antioxidants! 

That’s why I like using the 71% cacao dark chocolate Dove bars for this project.  Adding in a few of the dark chocolate Dove Promises gives extra smoothness, and the M&M’s are the perfect topping to add a festive look. 

The red and green coated candies make this a Christmas treat but you can use any of the colors to coordinate for a baby shower, bridal showers, or birthday celebration.

It only takes minutes to prepare and the kids love getting involved!

What You Need

  • Milk or Dark Chocolate for melting
  • Plain biscotti cookies
  • M&M’S colorful candies
  • Sheet pan
  • Parchment or wax paper
biscotti dipped in chocolate with candies attached, laying on wax paper.

Homemade Edible Gifts

Wrap up your prepared biscotti in cute paper sacks or cellophane bags and attach a printable tag to them.

Stand them in a pretty jar or mug to give as a gift.

Enjoy them with hot coffee, cocoa, milk, or even a glass of sweet white or red wine.

Easy chocolate dipped biscotti for holiday entertaining.
easy chocolate dipped biscotti Christmas treats

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chocolate dipped biscotti with red and green m&m's standing in glass jar.

Easy Chocolate Dipped Biscotti

Yield: 16 cookies

Easy hand made gift idea for biscotti dipped in chocolate and M&M's candies. No bake recipe for dessert parties or party favors.


  • 1 3/4 cups Milk or Dark Chocolate
  • 16 plain biscotti cookies
  • ¾ cup M&M’S® Brand Chocolate Candies
  • baking sheets lined with parchment or wax paper


    1. Place chocolate in a bowl set over a saucepan of simmering water.
    2. Let chocolate melt, stirring occasionally with a spoon or rubber spatula.
    3. Remove the bowl from the saucepan and continue stirring until all the chocolate has melted.
    4. Using a table knife, spread one side of the biscotti with the melted chocolate. You can also dip half of a biscotti into the chocolate. Place the biscotti, chocolate side up, on a baking sheet lined with parchment or wax paper.
    5. Place M&M’S® Candies on the hot chocolate and let cool until the chocolate hardens and candies are set in place.


Wrap biscotti in cellophane bags or place in small sacks or boxes to give as hostess gifts or party favors.

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