Juice Pop Cocktails & Mocktails

juice pop cocktails and mocktails

Guess what. Today is my birthday! I won’t disclose the number {I’ve officially stopped at 35}, but I will share a darling way to celebrate ANY birthday with juice pop flavored drinks and cocktails. These festive and PRACTICAL juice pops flavor your drink and keep it cold at the same time.

I think the idea originated from Martha Stewart a couple of years ago using actual popsicles, but when I found this juice pop mold at Target for $2.50 it was game on!

I filled the molds with several different juice flavors like pineapple, orange, green fruit punch, cranberry, and grape. Freeze over night and then pop them out and serve them up. You’ll need to let them sit at room temperature for about 10-15 minutes to loosen up so they come out easily. After that it’s a good idea to put them back into the freezer {individually, not in the mold} so they are nice and frozen when you need them.

Check out these three juice pop flavored drinks and cocktails below:

juice pop mocktail

  • I put them in ginger ale for the kids. The fruit punch flavored these very nicely.

champagne and juice pop cocktail

  • These cranberry pops were perfect for a glass of champers!

rum and juice pop cocktail

  • Even cocktails get the juice pop treatment: coconut rum + orange juice + pineapple juice pop = YUM!

juice pop drinksmake your own juice pops and then create cocktails with them

Don’t forget to dress up your glasses for the party. Here I tied tiny flowers {billy balls, and babies breath} onto the stems with bakers twine, for the adults.

For the kids I added a tiny decorative tape bunting to melamine cups, using patterned duct tape and bakers twine. These juice pop molds are great for adding a little cheer to any day, all summer long. CHEERS!

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