How to Make Individual Veggies in Bread Cups

See how to make individual vegetable cups for your next party appetizer table. These fresh vegetable cups are filled and ready for double dipping. Each guest gets their own bread cup making it easy to eat and socialize. Serve these for cocktail parties, game day parties, or children’s parties.

Veggie Dip Bread Cups Party Appetizers

There’s no need to worry about double dippers when you serve these individual veggie cups!

This quick party trick is one I’ve implemented for years because it combines form and function in the best way.

It’s no secret that mini, or individual sized portions are one of my favorite things. You can’t deny they make the BEST presentation on a food table!

I usually recommend doing them for smaller groups unless you have an assistant, because of the extra time it takes to make them. However, these mini dip cups are one of the quicker and easier items you can put together.

Veggie cups for a party

This appetizer only requires cutting bread into “cups” and filling them. It’s perfect for children’s or adult parties because the entire thing is edible so clean up is minimal.

individual bread cups with vegetable sticks

More mini size party foods

There’s nothing quite like finger food to set the scene for a party. Here are some more recipes to try.

how to cut bread cups from a baguette

How to make vegetables in bread cups

You only need a few ingredients to make these appetizers. However, you have plenty of leeway to customize them the way you like.

  1. You’ll need a thick loaf of Italian bread from the bakery section. French baguettes are typically too small in diameter to use for the cups.
  2. Ranch dressing, blue cheese dressing, or creamy Caesar dressing for dipping. You can also use hummus, or try something really unique like this whipped feta & herb dip.
  3. Carrot sticks and celery sticks. Save time by purchasing pre-cut vegetable sticks at the grocery store. You can also use cucumber sticks or bell pepper sticks.
veggies in bread cups

Best tips for making crudité dip cups

  • Make sure to use the thicker loaf of bread or you won’t have room to fill the center after you’ve hollowed it out.
  • Use a serrated edge knife and follow the diagram above to cut your bread. Discard the end pieces or save for another use. You’ll want a slanted edge on top, and a flat bottom for your cups to stand. An average size loaf will yield 5 veggie cups.
  • Once you’ve cut your bread, hollow it out by using a small pairing knife to give a relatively clean edge. Leave about a half inch around the sides and about an inch at the bottom.
  • Press on the bottom with your fingers to compact it, making it about a half inch thick.
  • Add carrot and celery sticks so they can stand up against the taller side of the cup. Fill the bread cup with dressing up to the shallow edge and serve.
  • These cups are great because they don’t leak even after sitting for a while.
  • Guests can double dip their veggie sticks until their heart’s content. They can even dip the bread!

Tell me if you love this idea. I certainly do! Serving a crudités platter is one of the most classic dishes for entertaining. This is a fun way to make it more special for groups of 15 or less. Hope you give it a try!

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  1. LOVE this!!! I’m all about individual servings, too—especially when they look as good as they taste 🙂

  2. What a SUPER fun idea, Chris! This is brilliant. I will try this at my next dinner party, thank you for the great idea!

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