Mini Desserts Recipes for Parties

These ideas for mini desserts are perfect for a party. With recipes for mini cakes, mini parfaits in glasses, or bite size sweets, we’ve got you covered. Add one or more of these when you’re designing dessert tables for a bridal shower, baby shower or tea party at home.

mini desserts

One of my favorite ways to serve dessert at a party is to make individual portions and bite size treats. While a pie table or a specialty cake can make a great focal point, small desserts add pizzazz!

This is especially true when you’re hosting a shower, a tea party, or a cocktail party. You can even select recipes that reflect the color theme of the event. 

These are all easy make-ahead recipes that you can refrigerate or wrap tightly until needed. When you’re looking for mini desserts for a party, start with these tasty recipes. 

What you need to make them

If you want to make any of these recipes you’ll need some simple supplies. *affiliate links*

How to make easy mini desserts

I’m sharing some fantastic recipes below, but there are also some super easy ways to make small treats that don’t even require a recipe.

  1. Layer crumbled brownie bites with icing in a tall parfait glass. Use a piping bag for adding the icing inside the glass.
  2. Make no-bake cheesecake and layer it in a shot glass with the crumb crust on bottom, and cherry filling on top.
  3. Layer different jello flavors and colors in mini glasses.
  4. Fill mini pie shells with canned pie filling and bake. 
  5. Layer cake pieces with fresh berries in mini footed compotes. Top with whipped topping.
  6. Bake any cake mix in mini bundt pans. Warm up a can of icing in the microwave for 30 seconds or until it’s a liquid consistency. Stir and drizzle it over the cooled mini cakes.

Add these mini desserts for a dessert table the next time you’re hosting a party. Some are simple recipes that will work for dinner party ideas too.

For more ideas check out these decadent chocolate dessert recipes.

Mini Dessert Recipes

Individual size dessert recipes for parfaits, mini cakes, bite size sweets, and more. These are great for your party dessert table including bridal showers, girls night in, or cocktail parties.

Desserts in Cups

Layered desserts, parfaits, and mini trifles in individual glasses.

Mini Cakes

Small single serving cakes, cheese cakes, bundt cakes or cupcakes.

Bite Size Sweets

These are easy to pick up and nibble on the spot.

Unique Mini Desserts

Add these interesting recipes to a dessert party, a snack table, or a dinner party.

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