4th of July Dessert

These mini fruit pies with star cutouts are perfect for 4th of July Dessert. They’re easy to make, but the presentation is perfect when you host a July 4th of July celebration!

4th of July dessert, mini pies in a row

Make these star-studded mini fruit pies for a 4th of July dessert your guests will love! Yes, I used canned pie filling and I’m okay with that.

Dressing up food so it looks more customized to an occasion, is one of my favorite entertaining “tricks.” That’s exactly what I did with these mini fruit pies with star cutouts, as seen in the dessert table & 4th of July party ideas here.

To give these little pies a festive touch I filled store-bought mini pie crusts {graham cracker crusts in the baking aisle of the grocer} with either blueberry pie filling or cherry pie filling. Then covered them with star cutouts made with refrigerator pie dough. Super easy, and super delicious!

4th of July dessert, pies with star cutouts

4th of July Dessert – Mini Fruit Pies 

These look really cute and I love the combination of flavors with the graham crust + fruit filling + pie crust. Just follow the simple steps below and I guarantee you’ll get “oohs” and “aahs” from your guests!

  • Use refrigerator pie dough and roll it out according to package directions.
  • Cut out circles to top your mini pies, using a martini glass or other large circle.
  • Use star shaped cutters to press out shapes from the dough. Here I used a tiny size to cut out several stars in the middle of the pie crust, and a medium size to cut out 1 center star for another pie.
  • Using the excess dough, cut out several medium stars and begin overlapping them on top of the pie to create a starry crust. Make an egg wash {1 egg yolk + a little water} and brush over the stars to keep them together. Brush the other pies with the egg wash as well.
  • Cook pies until crust is golden brown.

I hope you’ll add some of these mini fruit pies with star cutouts to your 4th of July dessert table. Of course you can always change it up for the occasion by using apple cutouts like I did here, or flowers, leaves, hearts, etc.  There are so many shaped cutters available, the possibilities are endless. Bon Appetit!

4th of July dessert, mini fruit pies

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