DIY Photo Booth Tips

diy photo booth tips

We’re in the aftermath of yet another snow storm and I feel like yesterday was a holiday since we had no school. I also spent the day recuperating from my Red Carpet viewing party on Sunday. No, not from a hangover, but from exhaustion!  

Ever since the new year I’ve barely had a day off between work, the new house, and running to my son’s basketball games on the weekends, but his games are finally over which should put me back to normal. I don’t know about you but I HAVE to have a day of rest each week to recharge. I don’t know how people are on the go all the time.

But enough of my banter about life and on to something more fun. Since I set up a photo area for the party on Sunday I thought I’d share some of the great photos we took and give some tips on creating your own photo booth at home for your next party.

The idea is to be prepared ahead of time so you can put together your own photo booth without last minute scrambling. Then all you need to do is snap some pics with your iPhone and share.

photo booth fun

First up, I love this photo we took above of me with my 2 next door neighbors. I’m giving my best ‘fish lip’ pose and I think we all look fabulous. How rare is it to get everyone looking their best in a photo?!

DIY photo booth tips

  • To set up my photo booth area I hung 2 solid curtain panels. I removed my regular curtains to use the existing rod, and cover the window completely. This way you have a nice simple background for your photos and you don’t have to worry about how you’re going to hang it. You can also use a sheet, and hang it using clip-on curtain rings.
  • Good lighting is important. I set up in a room with overhead lighting and no flash was needed on our iPhones.
  • Have a good set of photo props, like these:
photo booth props 3
  • Start with the essentials like feather boas, printable mustaches and lips, and a sign that can be customized {like a chalkboard sign}. Nothing says “take my picture” quite like a feather boa! Printable mustaches and lips can be found in most printables shops, and signs can consist of chalkboard signs, chalkboard speech bubbles, or a clapboard.
photo booth props 2
  • Next you’ll want some hats and tiaras. Anything oversize or mini will add whimsy and add to the fun factor. Have some that will work for males, females, and kids if your hosting a family friendly affair.
photo booth props 1
  • Finally, add some details like glasses, oversize jewelry, bowties, masquerade masks, etc. Make sure you have several options so more than one person can use the props at a time.
  • Place all of your props on a table next to the backdrop. Use a basket, small suitcase, or pretty box to hold everything in.  Make sure it’s large enough so you can search through it easily, to find items.
  • Use small vases to hold smaller items like glasses or things on a stick/handle.
  • You don’t need a special photographer or expensive camera for the photo booth. Everyone loves using their smart phones so they can share to Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter. Create your own hashtag for the party photos so you can follow the group photos easily.
  • Be silly and have fun! The more pictures the better!
photo booth fun
girls night photo booth fun

We had so much fun with the photo booth and it’s a great reminder of the evening. It’s also a good way for people to get to know each other better!

Do you think you’ll set up your own photo booth for your next party? Let me know how it goes!  Have a great day!

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  1. Hi Courtney, my philosophy is to make it fun and accessible for everyone. With social media being what it is, “everyone” has smart phones and social accounts that they love to share to. The only time I think you would “need” the fancy set up is if you want to have the photos printed for framing.

    1. Oh my goodness, you have NO idea how much you’ve helped me. THANK YOU for taking the time to answer my comment. And for posting this great article! You’ve inspired me and I’m really looking forward to putting some of your suggestions in action. Thanks so much again!

  2. I’m getting ready to throw a Summer Solstice Celebration and was looking for cool party ideas on Pinterest when I came across one of your photos. I’ve since been doing a lot of research on scenery, lighting and props and all that, but a lot of the other sites mention having a tripod and remote shutter releases…yours was the only one that mentioned iPhones. Should I just set up the photo op stop area and let people use their own phones? Is that perfectly acceptable? Or do I need to have the tripod and provide a camera? Any advice you could give this novice would be greatly appreciated. Thx!

  3. The photo booth plays directly into the appeal of the dress up party theme and looking at your photos confirms my belief that everyone enjoys dress up!!

    Currently I am working on a ‘shadow theater’ effect with silhouettes of vintage art deco cars and 20’s flappers, that guests can then appear with and have their silhouette photographed. This should drop the cost of an enjoyable Great Gatsby themed party, where the props (but not people) are just shadows.



  4. Thanks for the tips, I love the curtain rod idea! Ive set up a couple photo booths for past parties, but I im feeling the pressure for my next one: Im making one for our upcoming Relay for Life so it’s not just my friends who will be “judging” it!! At least you gave me some inspiration for our “Hollywood Lights, Camera, CURE” theme! Thanks! Shannon

  5. Super fun. I always have a photo booth at my parties – it is a MUST! Like you said it’s a great way to remember the evening. Looks like y’all had a good time! 😉

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