Thanksgiving Potluck Ideas

Take the stress out of the holiday with these Thanksgiving potluck ideas. When friends and family share in the work it makes the meal more enjoyable and relaxed. Here are some easy dishes to take to a potluck at the office, to Friendsgiving, to church socials, or family gatherings.

Here's a Thanksgiving Meal & Party Plan with plenty of recipes, tablescapes, printables, and more ideas to get you motivated.

I can’t imagine hosting Thanksgiving for a crowd without having some help. Unless you’re a caterer, cooking that kind of holiday meal for lots of people can be overwhelming with the turkey and the sides and the pies and the appetizers!

That’s why making it a potluck party makes so much sense. Here are over 40 easy ideas and recipes for you.

Thanksgiving Potluck Recipes

These are some of my favorite holiday recipes I’ve been making for years. Add any of them to a Thanksgiving tablescape or include them in a Friendsgiving dinner party.

green salad with roasted beets and goat cheese and nuts on black platter.

Fall Salads

Add freshness with a seasonal salad. These combinations are full of flavor!

sliced turkey breast on white platter with carrots and cranberry garnish.

Good Main Dish to Bring

The rule of thumb is that whomever is hosting will provide the turkey. That just comes down to logistics since it can take hours to prep and cook. However, there are some additional mains that you can include.

EXPERT TIP: Use a cooler like a warming tray. It can keep hot foods warm for a couple of hours.

Store Bought Ideas

There’s always a few people who don’t cook. There’s no reason they can’t still contribute with some of these ideas.

  • Bags of Ice
  • Bakery Pie
  • Wine
  • Dinner Rolls
three hollowed out apples on wood tray, with cider drink served inside, garnished with cinnamon stick and star anise.


There’s no better way to make Thanksgiving festive than with fall cocktails. Bring the makings for a specialty drink by the glass, or make a large batch drink that’s easy to share.

table with pie cut and slices on white plates


I think fall is my favorite time for dessert because I love pumpkin! But there’s more to add to your Thanksgiving dessert table than that. Try these delicious treats.

Now you can go confidently with your new found Thanksgiving potluck ideas. These recipes are delicious and easy to make.

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