Turkey Cupcakes for Thanksgiving

These turkey Cupcakes for Thanksgiving are the perfect dessert for the kids! Place them on the kids table or let the children make them as an activity. They’re adorable and delicious.

diy Thanksgiving turkey cupcakes grouped together

Thanksgiving dessert for kids

Add a special treat for the children at Thanksgiving with these diy turkey cupcakes. These make a whimsical addition as a fall centerpiece on the kids Thanksgiving table or to the holiday dessert table

I haven’t had the pleasure of hosting Thanksgiving for young children in quite a while. But when we used to host our Friendsgiving I made these colorful turkey cupcakes for the kids.

One year I made them to place at each child’s place setting. The children were pretty young at the time. And as much as they liked them then, I think they appreciated them even more at around the ages of 9 to 12!

diy Thanksgiving turkey cupcakes grouped together

You can be sure that this combination of cupcakes, cookies, and fruit strips will please most children’s picky palate even when desserts from the pie table may not.

These adorable Thanksgiving cupcakes would look right at home on this traditional Thanksgiving tablescape too.

diy Thanksgiving turkey cupcakes; turkey heads made of Nutter Butter cookies

PRO TIP: For best results use “Fruit by the Foot” to make the turkey feathers.

diy Thanksgiving turkey cupcakes, tail feathers

Fun kids activity

This is an easy project to do your self, or to prepare partially and let the children finish.

You can make the fruit strip tail feathers a day or two ahead. Keep them covered tightly with saran wrap or stored in an air tight container. Make sure to keep the wax paper attached until ready to place them into the cupcakes. That way they stay separated and won’t stick to one another.

I bought a box of Fruit By The Foot to make six turkey cupcakes. The long strips are easy to cut and come with 3 color/flavor varieties inside.

This gives you lots of color and dimension in the feathers.

six diy Thanksgiving turkey cupcakes grouped together, top view

These look very cute displayed all together like a flock of turkey, don’t you think?

For more Thanksgiving treats, check out these easy Thanksgiving turkey cookies.

a trio of diy Thanksgiving turkey cupcakes

How to make turkey cupcakes

  • Chocolate frosted cupcakes
  • Nutter Butter cookies
  • Fruit By The Foot strips – variety pack is best for more color variations
  • mini chocolate chips
  • toothpicks
  • additional frosting or decorator gel
  • Kitchen scissors to cut fruit strips

Unroll fruit strips and cut into feather shapes about 3 inches long x 1 inch wide.

Lay a toothpick down along the back of the fruit with enough extended at the bottom to place into cupcake later.

Place another thin strip of fruit over the toothpick and press it so it adheres and holds the toothpick securely.

Continue until you have 5 “feathers” per cupcake.

Cut tiny triangles from a red fruit strip, to be used as the waddle.

Use a tiny dab of frosting to adhere mini chips to the cookies for eyes. Add another dab to the triangle ‘waddle’ and press onto cookies.

Push cookie into center of cupcake.

Attach fruit strip “feathers” by inserting toothpick into cupcake. Display until ready to eat.

diy Thanksgiving turkey cupcakes, pinable text

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