Easy Thanksgiving “Turkey” Cookies

Make these easy Thanksgiving turkey cookies with these instructions. They’re perfect for the children’s table or to celebrate all season.

by Melissa Bahen

Thanksgiving turkey cookies

I’m not sure exactly when these cute little turkey cookies made their grand entrance into my family, or which friend or elementary school teacher first introduced us to the idea, but they’ve been a part of many a Thanksgiving celebration since I was a child. The materials can be found at any grocery store, and might even be things you already have on hand: chocolate frosting, ginger snaps, candy corn, Hershey Kisses, and red hots.

They are fun and easy to put together, and give the kids and non-cooks a way to participate in the Thanksgiving food prep. And best of all, they look adorable all by themselves on a dinner plate, or lined up tail feather to tail feather on a serving platter.

easy Thanksgiving turkey cookies

Here’s how to make these adorable feathered friends…

Easy Thanksgiving Turkey Cookies

  • Using a sharp knife, cut a small section off of one end of a gingersnap. If you are having children put these turkey cookies together, you’d obviously want a grown-up to do this step.
  • Spread frosting over the front of the cut gingersnap and place 5 candy corn on the cookie to look like tail feathers. This will be the turkey’s tail.
  • Use chocolate frosting to “glue” the decorated ginger snap to a plain, uncut gingersnap, which will act as a base.
  • Use chocolate frosting to “glue” a Hershey Kiss to the base gingersnap right in front of the tail.
  • Use chocolate frosting to “glue” a red hot to the front of the top of the Hershey Kiss.

That’s it! Now you have 1 turkey; go make a whole flock of them!

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