20 Easy Fall Centerpiece Ideas for Table Decor

Easy fall centerpiece ideas for dining tables, buffet tables, and Thanksgiving tablescapes. Dress up your dinner party with one of these autumn arrangements you can DIY and stay on budget. They’re all simple to create with candles, flowers, jars, pumpkins pinecones, wheat and more!

fall flower arrangement in white vase

Autumn Centerpieces

The great thing about fall centerpieces is that nature provides so much of what you need. Colorful leaves, pinecones, acorns, tree branches, and gourds. Put them to good use as you pair them with candles, glass vases, and more.

Add them to your dining room table for a fall themed dinner party, or create a Thanksgiving centerpiece. They would make great fall wedding centerpieces too.

Get my pro tip and best secret to flower arranging on a budget for all your fall table settings, and for when you host Thanksgiving.

fall flowers in pumpkin vase on dining table outdoors

Pumpkins are a great vessel to hold flowers. Use a real one if you want, but faux pumpkins can last year after year. We love that!

Thanksgiving table decoration of vase filled with acorns, baby corn, and flowers

Create a harvest style centerpiece with colorful baby corn, greenery, and vases filled with acorns and mini pinecones.

fall leaves on branches in clear vase, centerpiece

Did you forget to prepare a centerpiece? No problem; just head out into the yard and cut a couple of tree branches and put them in water. Problem solved!

pears in wood bowl surrounded by green leaves, on brown table

If you’re a minimalist who love simple centerpiece ideas, place some fresh pears into a bowl and add some leaves for greenery.

wood board with vase of flowers and candles

Create a centerpiece for a fall dinner party, that’s unique and eclectic. Use a mix of candles, flowers, even wine, set on top of a wood serving board.

wild flowers in bottles centerpiece

Grab some wild flowers and place them in bottles for a casual floral arrangement. This one, from an apple themed party, and is surrounded by candles and acorns, and raised on a wood crate.

vintage bottle crate with bottles filled with flowers as a centerpiece

Use a vintage bottle crate for a unique centerpiece on a rustic fall tablescape. Place a few bottles inside and fill them with flowers. Add some decorative spheres, candles, and antlers for more decoration and detail.

glass vase filled with pinecones

It doesn’t get any easier than this glass vase filled with pinecones. You can get mini ones from the craft store, or gather some from the backyard.

centerpiece with pampas grass and fresh flowers in white vase

Pampass grass is gorgeous from this neutral Thanksgiving tablescape. Add a few fresh flowers for an extra pop of color.

Thanksgiving centerpiece ideas

centerpiece of mini pumpkins sitting on gold candlesticks

Elevate your pumpkin game…literally! Put mini pumpkins on top of brass candlesticks and line them down the center of the table. This is great for Friendsgiving.

tall glass vases filled with colorful dry lentils and topped with mini pumpkins

Design a traditional Thanksgiving table with vases filled with colorful dry lentils, and topped with mini pumpkins. So easy!

bud vases with fall flowers on dinner table

Create a simple Thanksgiving tablescape with lots of mini bud vases down the center of the table. Add one or two flower stems to each vase.

centerpiece of black candles, pomegranates, greenery, and flowers

Candlesticks, fresh fruit, and greenery create a gorgeous centerpiece on this black and white Thanksgiving table.

turkey cupcakes on white pedestal in center of kids dinner table

Add turkey cupcakes on top of a cake pedestal for the kids Thanksgiving table.

Buffet tables

white table with pies and dried flower centerpiece

Tall arrangements are perfect for buffet tables, pie tables, and dessert tables. Add pampas grass and dried hydrangeas to a tall vase and place it at one end.

dry wheat grass in clear vase with Thanksgiving leftover boxes

A bundle of dried wheat is another simple centerpiece that’s easy and perfect for fall. Place some in a tall glass vase like we did on this Thanksgiving leftovers table.

buffet table with menu, books, and vase of cotton bolls

Set up a formal table and serving buffet with a framed menu and tall vase filled with cotton bolls. Add some old books and small candle for instant charm.

autumn centerpieces

DIY centerpieces

Here are some fall centerpieces that you can make yourself with just a few simple items.

  1. Add tall fall branches, cut from the back yard, to a vase and put it in the center of the table or on the end of a buffet table.
  2. Put some berry branches, faux or real, in a vase and surrounded by moss you can get from the craft store.
  3. Add dried corn kernels to a clear vase and pop a pillar candle inside.
  4. Use various pumpkins (faux) and candles and spray them with spray adhesive. Roll them in dried beans or seeds.
  5. Fill shallow plates with water and place large sunflower or chrysanthemum heads on top. 
  6. Cut a small hole into the top of a pumpkin and and add a candle surrounded with leaves and berries. This arrangement would work beautifully with an elegant table for Thanksgiving.

Some wicker plate chargers and a burlap table runner would complete a rustic yet sophisticated table setting.

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