50 Dinner Party Themes for Adults

A year of themed dinner party ideas for every month and season. Plan a fun theme night or host a supper club with creative ideas, tablescapes, and menus. Get your calendar ready for a year’s worth of dinner party entertaining!

photo collage of dinner party themes with table settings.

Themed Dinners, Table Settings & Menus

Are you ready to host a dinner party and need some ideas? I’ve included fun-filled themes, including holidays and special occasion, plus dinner party menu ideas to make hosting a breeze.

My goal is to encourage you to bring back the art of the dinner party. Each theme is perfectly suited to the respective season, holiday, or month, and gives you lots of inspiration for tablescapes and food.

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Winter Themes

Kick off the new year with dinner parties for small groups of friends. These themes are terrific for January, February, and March because they’re full of warm, cozy vibes and comfort food.

1. Chinese themed dinner

To kick off the year in January we created a Chinese themed dinner to celebrate the Chinese New Year. We served Chinese take out to make it convenient and a bit whimsical!

2. Soup dinner party

If you’re not in the mood for take-out, this cozy soup dinner party is a fantastic way to spend an evening! Decorate a chic table, or set up a soup bar and eat buffet-style. Incorporate a sandwich bar to pair with the soups.

3. Cozy winter dinner party

The early months of the year are a great time to host a winter dinner party, even if you’re snowed in with your neighbors!

4. “Galentine’s” dinner

Host a ladies only dinner for Valentine’s day and make it a charcuterie party. After the meats and cheeses course, serve a chocolate charcuterie board for dessert, with wine and champagne for a night of indulgence.

5. Valentine’s Day dinner for 2

In February it’s time to celebrate love with a Valentine’s day dinner for two. Expand on these ideas and menu to create a Galentines dinner for ladies night in.

6. Chili Party

For a more casual get-together host a chili party with all the variations. Make it more interactive by making it a chili cookoff with friends.

7. Fondu Party

Winter is the perfect time for a fondu dinner party. Make cheese fondue for the main course and serve a variety to dippers including bread, vegetables and cooked meats. For dessert, share a chocolate fondue platter with dippers, and cheesecake fondue.

8. Mardi Gras

If romance isn’t your thing then this Mardi Gras party will be! This dinner party isn’t wild or kitschy. It’s a dinner party inspired by our trip to New Orleans and the fantastic food we had there.

9. Irish theme dinner

By March I’m always getting a little cabin fever and ready to do something fun. On to the next holiday with an Irish themed dinner party for St. Patrick’s Day. This party takes the holiday to a whole new level. One that’s more sophisticated.

10. Italian dinner party

Late winter is also a good time to host an Italian themed dinner party with different courses and wine pairings.

11. Southern style party

You can host a Southern style dinner party with classic southern recipes.

12. Murder Mystery Dinner

We’ve hosted several murder mysteries over the years and it’s always a good time. We make it easy and purchase a game with instructions and scripts to follow. It’s so fun to choose a theme or time period and get dressed in character.

Spring Dinner Parties

Welcome the spring with themes for April, May, and June. Introduce outdoor entertaining as the weather warms up, and serve up fresh food options to celebrate the new season.

13. “Taste of Asia” theme dinner

Host a party that can incorporate ideas and foods from various Eastern cultures. You may want to include Japanese sushi, Thai noodles, and Chinese dumplings all at once for a delectable Asian themed party.

14. Greek theme dinner

How about a Greek themed dinner party inspired by the colors and flavors of the Mediterranean.

15. Easter dinner

With April comes Easter and who doesn’t want to enjoy a beautiful Easter dinner party with family or friends? For holiday gatherings like this, we love to host potluck style so everyone gets to pitch in and bring a favorite dish. However I do have some favorite recipes included.

16. Spring ladies night

Host a spring ladies luncheon for your best mom friends. This is a fun excuse to relax and socialize.

17. Wine & Food Pairing

Gather together for a fabulous wine and food dinner party that’s elegant but not fussy. Pair the salad course with a buttery chardonnay, pasta with pinot noir, and steak with Cabernet Sauvignon.

18. Birthday dinner party

This is a good time to celebrate spring birthdays or bridal showers with a gorgeous ladies night celebration dinner party

19. Moroccan theme

This month is a great time to host a Moroccan theme party. Set it up outside or indoors depending on your climate. 

20. Mother’s day

May brings so many chances to entertain. And ideas for a ladies luncheon for Mother’s day is just one of them. This one has lots of pretty details and gives you a chance to enjoy the warmer weather and pretty flowers outside.

21. French Theme

Break out the berets and Channel-style outfits for a French themed dinner party. Serve French cheeses and wine, of course. Make creme brulee for dessert.

22. Mexican theme dinner party

Of course you may also want to host a dinner party for Cinco De Mayo, because who doesn’t love Mexican food?

23. Wild West theme

Dress up like cowboys and cowgirls with boots, hats and jeans. Cook beef on the grill and drink ranch water for a western cowboy themed party. Decorate the table with bandanas, rope and horseshoes, and celebrate life on the prairie.

24. Pizza party

This is a classic theme that everyone loves. Have a pizza party and make a variety to choose from. Or let guests make their own personal pizzas. If you have a pizza over outdoors you can take it outside and enjoy the weather.

25. Travel theme

If you love to travel, take your guests on an adventure around the world, but keep it at the dinner table. For a travel theme party serve a food item from a different country for each course. Pair it with a drink from the same region. Decorate the table with small globes, maps, postcards or decorative memorabilia you may have.

Summer Dinner Parties

Hosting parties outside in July and August is a must. Summer begs for outdoor cookouts and bbq’s. Turn them into a theme dinner party with these ideas, and see our complete summer entertaining guide here.

26. Peach themed garden party

June is the official start of summer so a brightly colored peach themed garden party & menu is in order. 

27. Green theme dinner party

I love this green dinner party with table setting and menu to match. It’s ideal for an outdoor gathering.

28. Easy patio dinner party

Summer is hot so it’s a good time to host a laid back dinner party with friends. This one has an easy but beautiful menu.

29. Father’s Day

Celebrate the dad’s in your life with a father’s day barbecue. Make it a golf theme, a bourbon tasting, or other idea that he’s interested in.

30. Alfresco cookout dinner

This summer alfresco dinner party is a good idea for father’s day too. Cook food on the grill and eat under the sun.  

31. Sunset supper

The days are long in July so a sunset supper is the perfect party to host at the edge of dark. The relaxed and casual vibe invites guests to linger.

32. 4th of July dinner

However, if you’re more in the mood to celebrate the 4th of July then this red, white & blue dinner party may be in order. 

33. Hot dog roast

Later in the month, why not host an old fashioned hot dog roast and let everyone cook their own hot dogs over an open fire?

34. Shrimp boil

This is a good time to host a traditional shrimp boil in the back yard. It’s a one-pot meal that’s easy to do.

35. Lobster boil

An alternative to a casual shrimp boil is a New England style lobster boil. By design it’s a bit more elegant and simply delicious!

Fall Dinner Party Themes

September remains warm in most parts of the country so it’s a great time for dining alfresco. It’s also a good time to introduce a new color palette and menu options. October creates a whole new opportunity for themes as we enter the pre-holiday season and Halloween. Get even more party themes for fall here.

36. Ladies night in

For September I wanted to create something that would be apropos for any girls gathering. It’s the time of year I get together with my own longtime girlfriends and celebrate our birthdays together. These ladies get together ideas can be applied throughout the year for bridal showers, or other occasions, and set up indoors or out depending on the weather.

37. Outdoor dinner party with mini cheese boards

Host this stunning dinner party with mini cheese boards for each guest place setting.

38. Dinner party alfresco

A fall dinner party alfresco is a terrific way to welcome the cooler nights of autumn. Cook the lemon herb chicken right on the grill along with simple make-ahead dishes.

39. Pink party

Host a pink party for breast cancer awareness month. Take up donations or honor someone who’s been touched by the disease.

40. Comfort food dinner party

This fall dinner party is cozy with neutral decor and a menu based on comfort food.

41. Outdoor picnic

Take it on the road with a fall picnic for adults. Pack things up in a pretty basket, take a bottle of wine or cider, and head out for a day of apple picking. It’s a dinner party on the go!

42. Halloween dinner party

As we head into the holiday months, October brings a Halloween themed dinner party that is very festive but chic at the same time. I like to think of it as how grownups celebrate Halloween.

43. Witch theme dinner

You can host a Halloween Witches Night In party for a ladies only celebration at home. 

44. Casual dinner with friends

If you want to keep it stress-free, make easy meals for entertaining and set a casual dinner table that’s super simple to pull together.

Holiday Dinner Parties

The end of the year is all about the holidays, baking, eating, and consuming cocktails! It starts in November and carries through December. It’s the busiest time of year for entertaining and hosting!

45. Friendsgiving

As November rolls around it’s time to plan for a Friendsgiving celebration including some of our all time best tried and true recipes, and fun table setting.

46. Thanksgiving dinner party

If you’re planning to host Thanksgiving dinner, this is your ultimate guide.

47. Christmas dinner party

In December, host a Christmas dinner party for family or friends. Serve elegant recipes or surf and turf!

48. Girls night in holiday theme

Invite the girls over for a ladies night Christmas dinner party. Create a festive setting and add tons of fun.

49. Winter wonderland theme

Create a winter wonderland dinner party with white and silver tablescape and food to match.

50. Pink Christmas theme

Another way to celebrate with the ladies is with a pink Christmas dinner party. It’s so pretty and feminine, and a fun color alternative for the holiday.

51. New Years Eve dinner party

Host a festive New Years Eve party with late night party buffet or a fancy dinner party tablescape with balloons

There’s something so satisfying about sitting down to a pretty table among friends, and eating and drinking until our heart’s content. Let the wine, conversation, and laughter flow!

How do you feel about hosting a themed dinner party? Too much work or a great way to spend time with people?

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