Elegant Easter Tablescape (Pink and Green)

Are you looking for simple yet elegant Easter table decorations and centerpiece idea? You’ll find them here in this pretty pink and green Easter tablescape that’s perfect for brunch or dinner. These easy ideas will transform your table setting into a beautiful holiday celebration. And you’ll find even more tips in our Easter entertaining guide.

pink and green Easter table

Create your Easter table decorations with this pink and green color theme. This table setting works for Easter brunch, and it’s perfect for Easter dinner too.

Pastel Easter Table Setting

I love setting the Easter table for holiday celebrations at home. It’s the first glimpse of spring, with light pastel colors and pretty hues.

I decided on pink and green for the color theme. It’s a classic combination that represents the greenery in nature as well as the blooming of spring flowers.

It’s simple to put together, too. Just work in layers and let the beauty unfold!

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Easter table decor

Pink and Green Table Decor

It’s easy to bring in the colors when you start with a tinted tablecloth. From there you can add complimentary colors with plates and dishes, and colorful glasses.

Bring in your color theme with flowers. Tulips come in a variety of colors and they just scream “SPRING!

Roses are another great flower that comes in a range of pink hues. And there are many white flowers you can use as neutrals. See my best tips for creating a floral centerpiece with budget in mind.

pink and green table setting

Easy Centerpiece

If you want Easter table ideas that are simple to create at home, then you have to start with the centerpiece. Keep it sleek and streamlined with these 3 items.

  1. Flowers – Save time, money, and styling by placing a bunch of tulips in a white vase. Tulips are great because they spread out and hang nicely in a vase. There’s no fussing with ‘arranging’ them, and they seem to add more mass with less flowers.
  2. Birds nests – Add a few rustic style birds nests on either side of the flowers. You may already have some as part of your Christmas decorations! They add a lovely nod to the season and take no skill to place on the table! 😉
  3. Easter eggs – Can you even call it an Easter table without eggs? Add them – real or fake – to the table, in birds nests, in bowls, and on place settings.
pink and green tablescape overhead

Quick Tip

Tulips continue to grow after they’ve been cut and placed in water. Make sure to trim them every few days so they don’t get too “leggy.”

pink bunny ear napkin fold

Pretty Place Settings

Begin setting your Easter tablescape with classic white dinner plates and build out from there. Layering is the key to a beautiful and interesting place setting.

  • Chargers – Use white chargers to frame the white plates.
  • Salad plate – Add green salad plates or dessert plates on top.
  • Dessert dish – Place a compote dish for dessert, on top of the plates.
  • Napkins – Fold pink napkins into bunny ears for Easter. Add a faux or real Easter egg to the center and write names on it if you like.
  • Silverware – Modern utensils with white handles look much prettier than traditional styles, and coordinates with all the white on the table.
  • GlasswarePink water glasses help add color to the table. Use vintage sets or buy online. Fill modern coupes with sparkling Rosé to further emphasize the theme. If you’re serving kids, serve pink lemonade. Or you could serve this champagne and Midori drink recipe for a green cocktail.
easter place setting overhead with bunny ear napkin fold

Quick Tip

Layering is the key to setting an interesting place setting. Start with placemat or charger, then dinner plate, salad plate, and bowl, napkin, or decorative item.

Green plate on white plate with pink napkin bunny ears

Bunny Ear Napkin Folds

You can add so much personality to a tablescape just by adding one unique feature. Here, I folded the napkins into Easter bunny ear folds.

Without the bunny ears this table would translate well for any Spring ladies luncheon. The napkin folds make it specific to Easter.

Incorporate Food

You may be serving the main meal buffet style or plated, but you can still add a few food items to the table where it makes sense.

  • You can set out Easter appetizers like these potato bites, and serve them in an egg dish. Or you can add a cheese board or relish dish to the table.
  • Deviled eggs and bunny bread rolls are also a logical choice.
  • Our Easter dirt cake dessert is too cute not to display on the table! The garden dirt cake adds whimsy to the display and lets guests know what’s to come.
  • This pineapple layer cake is another showstopper.
mini potato bites in egg dish

More Easter Table Ideas

For more Easter table setting ideas, check out these themes from past years.

Are you ready to create your own elegant Easter tablescape? Let me know what you think in the comments below.

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