Rustic Woodland Christmas Tabletop

I’ve been working on my Rustic Woodland Christmas series these last couple of weeks and can’t wait to share everything with you. Today I’m featuring the tablescape design and hope that it will inspire those of you who like to decorate with natural, rustic, or country charm. See the photos below and read my tips for pulling this look together.

Decorating for entertaining, and decorating your home for the holidays go hand in hand at Christmas. Over the years I’ve gone from traditional “European” inspired Christmas decor, to nature-inspired, to whimsical, so I have a lot of items to pull from in the attic! With the addition of a few items from the $1 isle {my favorite spot} I was able to put my tabletop together on the cheap without sacrificing style.

  • Create a base with neutral tablecloth {this is a $10 cotton drop cloth from Lowes}, and moss + upholstery webbing {from JoAnn’s} runner.
  • Use the same woven chargers that have been used in dozens of other parties, and solid red and green plates for layers. Using solids instead of trendy themes gives you much more usability over time.
  • I tied up silver ware with jute twine and a wooden tag from the $1 isle of Michael’s. Festive glasses add a Christmassy touch {a hostess gift from several years back}.
  • Each guest gets their own pot of bread. You can bake your own using muffin tins instead of terra cotta pots {I’ve had these for about a decade & they are food safe}. Just use a roll of refrigerated French bread dough and cut it into portions that will fit into your vessel, and bake.
  • To add another Christmassy touch I inserted rosemary sprigs into each bread pot. It reminded me of a tiny Christmas tree!
  • I picked up some old Christmas post cards with a woodland theme for $1 each at an antique mall and placed them on each plate just for some added color and interest.

I spent almost nothing on the centerpiece for the table. A couple of rustic balls and the sled ornament are new and can be used for other parties throughout the season {or year}.

  • I love to create an eclectic mix of items to create one long centerpiece down the length of the table, as opposed to having 1 central item. This way everyone has something unique to look at.
  • No money was spent on flowers for this rustic table. Clippings from the Christmas tree, and a holly tree in my yard are all that was needed to add life to the table.
  • Place other miscellaneous items on the table like deer antlers, pine cones, bird’s nests, etc.
  • Even if the theme is rustic, I think adding some sparkle makes things POP. Glass vases, candle votives, and mini ball ornaments adds just enough shine.
  • Adding in traditional ball ornaments works for any theme or style. Place some in a small bird cage, apothecary jar, or under a cloche for instant decor.
  • Seating assignments can be attached to the backs of chairs with burlap {add yarn stitching for detail} and a printable name tag from Bird’s Party.

As I mentioned above, entertaining decor and home decor go hand in hand. Our mantle and tree match the rustic woodland theme and create a cohesive space to dine.

  • For this rustic look I used more tree clippings, and woodsy items to decorate with. The asymmetrical look keeps the eye moving and has lots of interesting details. The only thing that is actually “Christmas” decor here is the Merry Christmas sign & ball ornaments, but it all works together.
  • Fill a wooden box with random items like yarn balls, pine cones, wood branches, and a manzanita branch with tiny ornaments attached.
  • Create your own themed art piece using paper, fabric, and a deconstructed woodland garland {from Michael’s}. I used a wooden window-style frame and inserted coordinating paper & burlap into each frame. for some of them I also added a decorative detail with a felt garland I took apart {the deer & tree silhouettes} and a bird silhouette cut from paper. You can use frames like this for ANY occasion!
  • I hung a “garland” along the mantle which is actually yarn with little balls woven onto it.  So simple!

 I hope you’ve gotten some good tips and ideas for decorating for Christmas.  What’s your decorating style?


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  1. I love your mantle! Can you tell me where you got the Merry Christmas sign, or any ideas on where I could find something similar?

    1. Katie, I’ve had that sign for years. I think I got it at Marshall’s or TJMaxx. A lot of “home decor” departments have Christmas signs similar. Just keep an eye out for it. 🙂

  2. Chris, absolutely stunning. I see a mini sledge: is it part of another gadget or a sledge on its own

  3. Your woodland Christmas is breathtaking – you have added so many special touches to an already beautiful setting – love this!

  4. The clarity of your pictures makes everything just pop! I love every natural touch! The ornaments along the runner add such a nice touch!!!

    Thanks for linking up to my party!
    XO, Aimee from


    What a beautiful cozy table . It gives me ideas for next year. thank you for sharing

  6. Gorgeous Chris! I have to ask… do you organize all your beautiful items? I know I don’t have nearly as much as you do, but since I do different tablescapes for my etiquette classes, I have each “theme” in separate trunks. I can mix a few things to create something new but….gosh…I’d just love to have a complete room for all the gorgeous things we acquire in decorating!

    1. Oh my gosh, Jonnie! My props have taken over 3 rooms in my house plus a section in the garage! I’m looking to have some built-in shelving put in so I can have a better way to store.

      It’s pretty crazy. And just when I think I have EVERYTHING I could possibly need, something new comes along….

  7. So pretty, Chris! You have such an eye for details and an amazing gift for table displays! Merry, Merry Christmas to you and your family!

  8. I’m having a linky party right now on my blog! I would love it if you would link up your holiday stuff! So cute! Thanks!

  9. Absolutely beautiful, Chris! I think my favorite is the little terra cotta pot at the place setting. And the burlap…can never go wrong with burlap! 🙂

  10. It makes me want to turn on vintage Christmas music, curl up in front of the fireplace with a mug of hot cocoa and just enjoy the twinkling lights. {sigh}

  11. So beautiful and festive!! Love every part of it.
    Come on over and enter my dress give away when you get time

  12. Love it! Absolutely beautiful! I must admit I’ve always been one to break the tradition of red and green because to me it always looked tacky! But this is simply beautiful!

  13. Absolutely gorgeous, Chris!!! The individual pots of bread are the cutest thing I’ve ever seen! Love the rustic and cozy feel! ♥

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