Easter Brunch Entertaining

My Easter Brunch Entertaining menu & tablescape ideas will have you hosting with ease. Follow these tips plus more in our Easter entertaining guide for a family friendly party for all ages.

Easter brunch entertaining

Easter brunch party

This menu and tablescape are designed for a family friendly celebration. As I put this Easter party together it reminded me just how much my mission is geared towards providing entertaining ideas for REAL women.

This setting is less about “over the top” details. The brunch table is quite simple to put together and can be set for Easter or for any spring gathering.

After creating this spring party table I love how it looks so much that I’m keeping it up for the season. This table works because it looks beautiful as it awaits guests but it looks equally inviting with a buffet of food placed in the middle ‘family-style’.

PARTY TIP: Set a spring tablescape that can take you into Easter and beyond. 

I didn’t buy anything new for this table setting. This is simply using older items in a different way. In fact the floral centerpiece is from my spring table adding color to the dining room. The small bunny figurines are from a previous Easter entertaining shoot. The moss runner has been used on countless occasions, and the nests are from this old Easter brunch & egg hunt party.

I’m a big advocate in buying items that can multi task and take you from theme to theme and season to season.

Easter brunch place settingsEaster table nest place card holderEaster table bunniesEaster brunch menu on table brunch food, bacon and fruit on tablebrunch juice and milk on table

What to serve for Easter brunch

  • These Easter appetizers creamy carrot bites are a terrific snack to put out before the meal. Let guests nibble on them while waiting for the casserole to finish cooking. The presentation is SO cute!
  • This simple menu includes bacon and fruit salad, which needs no explanation. Just pick the best looking seasonal fruit that you can find.
  • This delicious creamy hash brown potatoes recipe is the star of this brunch. It’s a fantastic side item to serve for brunch or even dinner.
  • These spice muffins with crunch oatmeal topping are delicious and not too sweet.
  • Serve this show-stopping pecan pie trifle for Easter dessert. It’s so good, it serves a crowd, and you must make it ahead. Making it a breeze for the host.
  • Milk and juice are served and it’s always a good idea to serve up mimosas! Set up a coffee bar or serve a delicious Kahlua & coffee recipe with Irish cream.

I’d love to hear from you about how you’re inspired to host your own get-togethers!

Easter brunch entertaining tablescape and brunch menu

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  1. Hello Chris
    I’m from Toronto Canada and I’m wondering where you got the little nest with the name card. I love this idea and I would love to know where you got them. I think I may have to make them

    1. Mireille, I got those a few years ago at Michael’s craft store. I think you may have to diy that now.

  2. Such a pretty table. I love all the runners you can get these days like this one that give a natural feel. I really like the way the runner also served as protection for the table from the heat of your serving dishes. I absolutely adore the little raised nest place card holders. They seem to be a nest, and egg cup and a vase for the flowers all in one! Lovely!

    1. About the runner – that’s what I thought too! A nice “hot plate” without adding a hot plate! I love that moss runner – so many uses.

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