Dinner And A Movie Outdoor Party

My friend Sharon of Cupcakes and Cutlery has got some mad skills when it comes to stylish design! She recently designed this “Dinner and a Movie” party to help inspire Autumn entertaining. Every little detail is divine and I soooo want to be at this party.

Not only is her styling impeccable, but her idea here is sheer genius – she wrapped glass votive holders (or jars) with dried corn husks and cut the edges with a decorative craft punch.  She also fashioned ‘flowers’ out of more corn husks to help frame the outdoor movie screen.
The “concession stand” is presented in a red wagon and every snack is beautifully displayed.  Check out the twizzlers and mini Hershey’s bundles below!  Oh, and the popcorn boxes?…a swatch of denim fabric is used as a fun accent under the sticker label!

In case you’re wondering, why all the references to vegetables?  The location for the shoot was at a local restaurant which has it’s own vegatable garden out back, and is the place where the outdoor movie theater was set up.   You can read more about Sharon’s photo shoot here and here, and get the recipe for the Apple Spice Sangria (pictured above) here.

Photos by Sadie James Photography

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  1. Awesome idea! I can’t wait to do something like this this summer. My family would love it!

  2. My cousin usually did this kind of film showing in their backyard, he started to plan it after watching many Denver summer concerts and some outdoor movies. The day before the show, I peeked at his setup of projectors, tarp screens, food, drinks, blankets, etc.

    So right after I had a jog around the Denver parks and recreation centers, I went to his house, and it was beautiful, I had a blast watching his selection of movies.

  3. Love how "out of the box" this is…. well, maybe "out of the wagon"!! So creative!

  4. I love the rustic atmosphere and it has given me some ideas for an anniversary dinner I'm throwing Friday!

  5. I love this!!!! The color palette is so fall, but so untraditional! Super gorgeous!

  6. Chris! Your words are too kind! Thanks for posting. I really really really enjoyed creating all the little details. 🙂


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