Fall Apple Themed Engagement Party

Host an apple theme party for fall with these ideas. This “apple of my eye” harvest theme has tons of inspiration and ideas that are perfect for an engagement party, small wedding, bridal shower, or dinner party al fresco.

Apple themed Autumn Engagement Party, table setting

Fall engagement party theme

A fall engagement party for a couple has so many possibilities when it come to theme, food, decor, and colors. It’s harvest season for many fruits, vegetables, and gourds, and the colors are rich and sumptuous.

Create an apple themed autumn engagement party with a color palette of red, gold, and brown. It’s a classic combination and works so well for the season.

The apple theme gives you the opportunity for a fun play on words relating back to a couple in love. I’ve outlined the details and thoughts behind the design, below.

This bash has apple themed party food, apple themed favors, and apple themed signs that are great for any fall celebration.

Apple themed autumn Engagement Party tablescape ideas

Fall tablescape

Most of the decorative details are hand made and provide a balance of masculine and feminine.

  • Each place setting gets a caramel dipped apple, which you could turn into diy caramel apple place cards too.
  • Create a centerpiece of wild flowers tucked into various jars, bottles, and vases.
  • Scatter some acorns on the table to add some texture and interest.
Apple themed autumn Engagement Party, drink glass topped with felt leaf
Apple themed autumn Engagement Party name tags tied to flatware
Apple themed autumn Engagement Party, caramel apple dipped in heath bar crumbs
Apple themed autumn Engagement Party, foraged centerpiece in bottles

Apple themed party ideas

This design was inspired by crisp red apples and the idea of tying in the concept of “picking” apples, and “picking” a mate.

Printable signs are a key part of conveying the concept with special puns.

  • Framed signs read, “he Picked her,” and “she Picked him.”
  • Table cards read, “you’re the Apple of my eye.”
  • Favor jars of apple butter have a label that says, “we Picked this just for you.”
  • Baskets of apples invite guests to “take your Pick” of apples to carry home.
Apple themed autumn Engagement Party, welcome table
Apple themed autumn Engagement Party, welcome table with favors and apple baskets

Party décor

Create a focal point to the dessert table with a simple burlap backdrop and manzanita branch attached.

Hang lightweight faux apples from the branches to mimic an apple tree.

Drape swags of lace, and banners made of twine and felt leaves, around the space.

Use bales of hay as part of the fall décor. Use them to set other decorations on, or use them as seating for guests. Just make sure to drape a piece of fabric over top for comfort.

Apple themed autumn Engagement Party, mini apple pies with apple crust cutouts
Apple themed autumn Engagement Party, printable sign

Apple recipes

Match your food and menu to the theme with some easy apple appetizers, drinks, and desserts. Set out mini apple pies with apple shaped cutouts in the crust.

Apple themed autumn Engagement Party favors, apple butter with printable labels on top

Apple theme party favors

Provide paper bags so guests can fill them with fresh apples to take home.

Small jars of apple butter are the perfect takeaway gift. You don’t even have to make it homemade!

What to drink

Prepare a signature drink with a pitcher full of apple flavored cocktails and beverages.

Apple themed autumn Engagement Party, vintage crate filled with micro brewery beers

Thanks to James Linkowitz Photography and Little Bean Boutique, for their contributions with photography and paper goods.

I hope you’re inspired by this apple themed autumn engagement party. The design ideas would also be great for a small intimate wedding, an adult birthday, or a casual dinner party al fresco.

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  1. The party decor was appealing but still not perfect according to the engagement. The apples used are not appropriate to be used as a decor accessory.

  2. Where did you purchase your printables/labels etc. And was there an invite. And lastly what was the beverage?

    1. Julie, the paper goods are from Little Bean {linked to in the post}. No invitation, but I’m sure she could design one.
      The drink is apple cider.

      1. I love this idea & will be using many things for a bridal shower. I was unable to locate the printables on the Little Beane site. Could you give a more specific location and/or a good search term?

        1. Lisa, she created this set specifically for the shoot so I guess she didn’t list them for sale. You would probably need to contact her directly for the design, and refer her to this post if you need to.
          Good luck!

  3. this is beautiful Chris. I missed it. So many darling details. I love fall and this just makes me happy, Totally need a caramel apple now 🙂

  4. It looks wonderful. I love the apple theme throughout and how bright and cheerful it all is.

  5. This whole set up is just beautiful! I love how you integrated pretty items like the lace and the dining chairs into such a rustic setting. Gorgeous!

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