Rustic Fall Tablescape

Enjoy these ideas for a rustic fall tablescape when you’re hosting a casual dinner party.

Rustic fall tablescape; Entertaining at home; dinner party.

Fall table setting

Are you ready for fall, cooler weather, and all the seasonal entertaining opportunities that come with it? I’ve created some ideas for a rustic table setting ideal for a fall dinner party

You’ll get some unique decoration tips from this rustic tablescape, including fall centerpiece ideas. And I’ll be sharing all my key points below.

Keep in mind I purchased nothing new for this except the food & flowers of course. And I put it together with TIME and BUDGET being important considerations.

Rustic fall tablescape; Entertaining at home; dinner party.
Rustic fall tablescape; cheese and bread baskets. Entertaining at home; dinner party.
Rustic fall tablescape; Entertaining at home; dinner party.
Rustic fall tablescape; Entertaining at home; dinner party.
Rustic fall tablescape; Entertaining at home; dinner party.
Fall hard cider
cheese, bread, and spice basket
rustic fall tablescape for home entertaining.
rustic Fall tablescape

Rustic fall tablescape

  • To provide a foundation I used a flannel throw as a tablecloth. It provides instant warmth and seasonal style.
  • Nothing says ‘rustic’ like my vintage soda crates {I just love them so}. I think I use them every chance I get. This time I placed one in the center of the table and utilized the compartments to hold bottles filled with flowers, antlers & feathers, candles, and decorative balls. It’s so eclectic and unexpected, but makes a great centerpiece.
  • My place settings usually start with basic white plates, but this type of entertaining doesn’t call for fancy layers. I did add interest with the berry baskets though! These make fantastic holders for bread, cheese, and a spice tube.
  • To ‘dress up’ the items in the basket I began by laying a strip of cheesecloth inside to drape over the sides and soften the edges. I wrapped mini cheese rounds {Babybel} in brown craft paper and used stamped letters to spell “cheese.” I used refrigerator French bread dough and cut it into 4 equal pieces before baking. This provided the perfect single portion size. I placed them in small white paper sacks and folded down the top for a rustic market feel. Finally, I filled plastic tubes with a seasoning blend, and tied on name tags to act as place cards.
  • Guests can eat the contents of the basket as part of the dinner, or it can be used as a favor for them to take home.
  • The name tags were made using canvas tags from Hobby Lobby, and they can also be reused by guests.
  • I rolled the utensils up inside the napkins and made a napkin ring by wrapping a strip of burlap around and securing it with a bamboo pick {I kinda LOVED this detail}. A matching bottle band was used in the centerpiece too.
  • Finally, I had to include Fall themed bottles of hard cider as the beverage of choice. The label was just too cute not to use them!
  • In planning this party in my head, I thought it would lend itself perfectly to a casual gathering of friends. Serve something rustic like beef stew, fiesta chili, or slow cooker vegetable beef soup. Any of those would pair well with the cheese & bread, and the hard cider.

I had so much fun designing this rustic supper. I hope I’ve inspired you to put something unique and fun together to celebrate Fall!

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  1. The burlap napkin “rings” are perfection. And burlap is so cheap, it’s a great option. Love it!

  2. Love the fall table! I especially love the picks through the burlap! Such an inexpensive & unique touch! <3 Heidi Rew from Parties for Pennies

  3. What an awesome tablescape! I love how layered it is. You thought of every possible detail and it is charming! Thanks for the inspiration.

  4. I can’t even think about fall coming, but this table has inspired me! Love it!

    1. Dawn, I’m so ready for fall….it’s Halloween I can’t quite grasp. ; )

  5. I love this. The Woodchuck Cider is a cute touch. Groundhogs are one of my favorite animals. 🙂 The entire table setting is beautiful.

  6. Fantastic table and tips! Consider me inspired! Love the berry baskets, great idea!

    1. Thanks Michelle. There are so many fun things you can do with those baskets. This was a TASTY one!

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