Halloween Themed Dessert Ideas

Over the past 2 years I’ve made each of the 4 desserts shown here. The graveyard cake is a simple pudding based dessert topped with crumbled oreos and milano cookies for tombstones. Use gel icing to write RIP or other witty remarks. Scatter candy pumpkings and gummy worms all around.
The finger cookies are truly the creepiest dessert here. One girl friend would not even eat one becouse it looked so real! They are made using a simple shortbread cookie recipe, and rolled into fingers. The sides are sort of sqeezed in so the bulges look like finger joints. Use a pairing knife to make line indentions at the joints. Top it with an almond for the nail, squeeze a little icing gel for blood, and then bake. You have to roll the fingers pretty thin becouse they spread slightly during baking.
The eyeballs are the classic peanut butter ball recipe dipped in white chocolate, topped with a mini chocolate chip for the iris. Squeeze red gel to make them blood-shot. It’s best to freeze the peanut butter balls so they are firm before dipping them into the white chocolate.
Finally, the dracula coffin cake is all about the presentation. It’s a frozen pound cake from the grocery store. Just cut a thin layer off the top for the coffin lid and start decorating with frosting that’s been colored, and icing gel. Use a vanilla wafer for the face of dracula.

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