Witch Themed Halloween Party for Ladies Night

Host a witch themed Halloween party for ladies night. These party ideas are for adults and perfect when you’re hosting girls night in, or an October birthday. I’m sharing a witch theme tablescape, party decorations, and a tasty menu that’s right on theme.

witch theme Halloween party for ladies night

WHAT’S UP WITCHES!!! I have a fun Halloween girls night theme to share. In fact, I specialize in ladies nights themes because I’ve created so many party ideas based on this ritual. I’m a BIG believer in staying connected to girl friends, even when you’re knee deep in family and kids’ activities. We’ve got to make time for ourselves, ladies!

Witches Halloween party

I put together this witches party theme inspired by all those things related to black magic: Ouija boards, tarot cards, black cats, crystal ball, and spells.

I love how it turned out and it was so easy to pull together with a few Halloween props and a click of my mouse. See all the resources and recipes below.

Cue witch cackle! EhhhHeeeHeeheeheee…….

Halloween tablescape, dinner party witches night in
Tarot cards table runner
Halloween wine label sticker

Halloween tablescape

Invite some girl friends over for dinner and wine, and some cackling fun! Incorporate Halloween decorations that relate to the witch theme, and conjure up some spells.

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  • Instead of placing a centerpiece in the middle of the table, set up a grouping of items at the end of the table. This way, they don’t interfere with the site line and conversation.
  • Black and white, with pops of orange is the perfect color scheme to use. A black table cloth topped with a runner creates the foundation. You won’t believe how I created this black & tan marbled runner. When I pulled up the vinyl chalkboard runner from this ladies night chocolate party, the sticky backing grabbed some of the kraft paper with it. As I looked at it, I thought it was pretty cool and unique so I used it for this runner. I just love the effect.
  • Use Tarot cards  to scattered down the center of the table. I don’t know what they mean, but if you’re brave enough, you can do a reading on each other after dinner! 
  • Dress up bottles of wine with printed Halloween bottle labels.
witches party place setting
witch themed Halloween party for ladies night

Place settings

Use tiny witch brooms as place card holders. I found them at Hobby Lobby.

Place tiny witch hats on spoon handles and place them inside empty bowls. Cut a piece of ribbon to wrap around the base, and secure it with glue.

A full size Ouija board can be fun, but you can also grab these mini Ouija board tins filled with mints. They make great Halloween themed party favors.

PARTY TIP: Here are some easy ways to dress up your drinks for Halloween, with just a few craft supplies.

Halloween party cheese board
witches cauldron chili
Halloween party dessert

Dinner menu

What does any good witch serve her guests? Homemade chili from her cauldron, of course! 

I created this menu based on one I served for our ladies night Halloween party a few years ago.

  • First, let’s get things started with a Halloween themed cheese board
  • Add veggie dip bread cups so you get some vegetables in the meal.
  • These apple appetizers are also a good seasonal hors d’oeuvres to serve.
  • If you want an appetizer that’s a bit heartier, make Halloween spinach dip served in a coffin bread bowl.
  • If you want to serve a signature cocktail before dinner, try this black widow martini or a black magic cocktail. You could also serve this green Halloween punch in pitchers.
  • You’re going to want to serve a medium to full bodied red wine with dinner. An Italian Barbera or a Cabernet would be a nice choice.
  • Get this delicious cheesy chili recipe that just happens to match the color palette too!
  • Be sure to make the “witches broom” bread sticks to go with the chili. You’ll find it along with the chili recipe link.


For dessert, you can whip up these mini chocolate lava cakes in a jar. So quick and easy to make and tastes SO good!

You should also include these witch finger cookies because they match the theme perfectly! Make them a couple of days ahead for easy party prep.

Halloween party decorating ideas

Witch party decoration ideas

These Halloween decorations and party plan are exactly what you need to host a witches party.   

  • A book of spells is a must-have item for all good witches. These are actually nesting boxes but look so real when used as a prop.
  • Black cats are always hanging around witches. Add one to your party space.
  • A cage with a raven perched inside is a creepy sight for sure.
  • How can witches see what’s going on around them without their crystal ball? We have one ready to reveal all secrets. 
  • Find a corner to park your witch broom and witch hat, and place some props there.
  • Flying wall bats help create a spooky background with “movement.”
Halloween bats wall decoration
witch party decoration ideas

What to do

You can create a lot of fun with these party ideas.

  • Hire a fortune teller for the night.
  • Have a séance.
  • Do a taro card reading.
  • Play the Ouija board if you dare.
  • Have the ladies dress up in witch costumes.

More Halloween girls night ideas

Looking for more ways to celebrate with the girls for Halloween?

Hosting a witch themed Halloween party is so much fun to do.

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  1. Great job on the party! I love every part of the table setting. Where are the black plates from, I love them!

  2. This is such a great party idea. I love every detail and the idea of setting up a grouping of items at the end of the table is so original and practical. I wish there were time to whip up this party for some of my neighborhood witches!

  3. You are so freaking creative and do amazing work. I get so many great ideas from you, so keep up the wonderful work and thanks!

  4. I freaking love this!!!! Why can we live closer. I would totally be girlfriends with you if you invited me to nights like this! So fun. Love all your touches! You totally had me at “what’s up witches!”

  5. I love this party! The little ouija board mints – super cute. I love how it is “halloween themed” without being childish. I also like how a potential activity (reading cards) is incorporated into the table setting. Love your style!

    1. Thanks for saying so, Tawnya! I think grown ups still love Halloween just as much as the kids do! And even if you’re a mom, you need to take time for yourself too.

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