Easiest Pumpkin Ice Cream for Fall Dessert

This pumpkin ice cream is a delicious treat for fall dinner parties and entertaining. The recipe uses Pumpkin Spice flavored creamer, canned pumpkin, ginger snaps, and natural vanilla ice cream. When it comes to pumpkin flavored desserts, it doesn’t get any easier than this!

ice cream in glass dishes with whipped topping and cookie garnish

The same thing happens every year at this time. Pumpkin and pumpkin spice flavors take over everything from cakes, to cookies, to pies, to coffee.

Since I love it as much as everyone else does, I created this pumpkin spice ice cream the easy way using International Delight creamer and vanilla bean ice cream. So technically we’re not making homemade ice cream. It’s more like dressing it up.

This is a great treat to serve for a fall dinner party or for a family pumpkin carving party. Or simply serve it as an afternoon snack.

glass footed dish with ice cream, whipped cream, and ginger snap cookie

PRO TIP: Use the recipe to make a pumpkin ice cream pie by pouring it into a prepared graham cracker crust instead of a loaf pan.

How to make it

You only need 4 ingredients for this quick and easy recipe

Vanilla ice cream – I use Breyers Natural Vanilla ice cream for this.

Canned pumpkin – make sure you use real pumpkin and NOT pumpkin pie filling.

Pumpkin spice coffee creamer – use whatever brand you like best. I typically use International Delight.

Ginger snap cookies – make sure to use crispy crunchy cookies so they hold up well to the moisture of the ice cream.

  1. Let the ice cream soften at room temperature for about 20 minutes.
  2. Blend pumpkin into the ice cream until smooth. Add creamer and combine well.
  3. Crumble some cookies and fold them into ice cream. Then pour into a loaf pan and freeze.
pumpkin stirred into ice cream in white bowl
cookies stirred into ice cream in white bowl
ice cream poured inside loaf pan with cookie pieces on top

Krispy Kreme ice cream sandwich

Turn this delicious ice cream into a doughnut dessert using Krispy Kreme pumpkin spice doughnuts.

When I found these pumpkin flavored doughnuts at the grocery store I thought, why not make ice cream-doughnut sandwiches with crunchy gingersnaps sprinkled on top.

Just slice a doughnut in half, crosswise, and add a scoop of softened pumpkin ice cream between the two layers. Top with whipped cream and crushed gingersnaps.

These would be just as good using plain glazed doughnuts too, and ginger snaps help to balance some of the sweetness with a little spicy “heat” from the ginger.

doughnut ice cream sandwich on plate
whipped cream on doughnut with cookie crumbs on top

More pumpkin recipes

If you love pumpkin recipes as much as I do, you’ll want to make these other desserts and drinks. They are great to add to a casual dinner party menu.

small glass compote with pumpkin ice cream inside, whipped cream, and cookie

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pumpkin ice cream in bowl

Easiest Pumpkin Ice Cream recipe

Yield: 6 servings
Prep Time: 30 minutes
Additional Time: 6 hours
Total Time: 6 hours 30 minutes

Pumpkin spice flavored creamer combines with vanilla ice cream to make this simple dessert recipe. An easy sweet treat for fall parties.


  • 1.5 quart size Natural vanilla ice cream
  • 1/3 cup pure pumpkin {not pumpkin pie filling}
  • 1/8 cup International Delight Pumpkin Pie Spice flavored creamer
  • 6 to 8 crispy ginger snap cookies, crushed
  • caramel topping, whipped cream, and extra cookies for serving


    1. Let ice cream sit at room temperature to soften, about 15-20 minutes, and transfer to a large mixing bowl.
    2. Add pumpkin and combine well using a whisk or hand mixer on low speed.
    3. Add creamer and mix just until smooth.
    4. Stir in broken cookie pieces and pour into a loaf pan. Add a few more cookie pieces to the top.
    5. Cover and freeze for several hours or over night.
    6. Place 2 scoops of ice cream in a small bowl and top with whipped cream and caramel drizzle. Serve with a whole ginger snap cookie or sprinkle cookie crumbles over the top.


Serve with salted caramel for a sweet and salty mix.

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