Best Halloween Pumpkin Carving Party Ideas

Get ready for Halloween pumpkin carving party ideas that are creative and easy to do. These ideas for a pumpkin carving party are perfect for kids and the whole family. We’re sharing Halloween themed party food, drinks, and Halloween party decoration ideas that you can pull together with ease. Start planning now with our pumpkin party ideas and get ready to host a fall party!

pumpkin carving party ideas

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Halloween pumpkin carving party ideas

The time has come to share pumpkin carving party ideas just in time for Halloween. This is the perfect fall party for the entire family.

It’s fun to sit and chat with the neighbors while carving pumpkins, and the kids will enjoy the snack table treats. You don’t have to go overboard with food since this is in the middle of the afternoon. Do offer these delicious and festive treats though.

If you’ve never used a stencil to carve a pumpkin before, there is a bit of a learning curve. In fact, my neighbor had a mishap cutting some of the thinner areas. Just start slowly.

PARTY TIP: You definitely need a pumpkin carving kit with the pick, fine saw, and scraping tool to carve the pumpkins

boy holding pumpkin

How to host a pumpkin party

Our party is all about fall with Halloween vibes. It’s not overly scary or creepy. We used themed dishes and some traditional decor to set the scene.

  • I suggest you plan out your party and send invitations at least two weeks ahead. Send a text, an evite, or a traditional invitation early so friends and neighbors can put it on their calendar. Make sure to tell them they’ll need to bring a carving kit.
  • Schedule the party for a Saturday or Sunday afternoon. This is a great time because people will have eaten lunch already and you can serve festive snacks instead of a meal.
  • Decide if you will provide pumpkins for everyone or if they will bring their own. If you want to provide the pumpkins, I suggest getting the medium size ones. They’re easier to handle for a party and perfect for smaller kids.
  • Gather together an array of pumpkin carving stencils or let guests know they can bring their own – they are also included in the carving kits. 
  • Decide if you want to have a theme for your party. This one is pretty neutral but it does have a recurring cat element (for those spooky black cats!). Having a recurring element in mind helps focus your party decorating and planning.
Pumpkin party snack table
pumpkin carving party

Ideas for pumpkin party decorations

The weather is usually nice and brisk in the fall. Set up the party outside on the lawn or patio.

  • Nature is the best decoration for this party. Get large bales of hay to sit on for a rustic fall party atmosphere. Drape them with plaid throws so they’re more comfortable. You can usually find hay bales at farm supply shops and feed stores.
  • Use small bales of hay to add height to the table. Find these at craft stores or Walmart. Use them to lift dishes or to hold decorations and flower pots.
  • Pumpkins and mums are staples for a fall party. Use them anywhere and everywhere. Fill lanterns with mini pumpkins too.
  • Add some Halloween props like owls, ravens, and witches brooms. To continue the cat theme add in this cat skeleton. They give just enough “scare” factor without being too creepy.
Halloween snack mix on party table
Halloween party snacks
candy corn and popcorn mix
kids party mix

Fall party snacks

If you’re hosting a pumpkin carving party in the afternoon, you don’t need to supply a full meal. Serve these seasonal snacks instead.

  • Nothing goes together quite like sweet and salty flavors. Prepare a bowl of popcorn and fill another bowl with candy corn. Let guests make their own salty & sweet mix. You can also use Kettle corn if you want it on the sweeter side.
  • Mix up a batch of my Halloween party snack mix I call “kitty kibble.” This is a terrific mix of sweet and salty snacks and cereals that everyone loves. 
  • Here’s another delicious sweet and salty candy corn snack mix that’s perfect for Halloween or fall parties. 
  • Make sure to provide snack cups or bags so guests can fill and carry.
  • If you want to add something savory but still easy to make, how about these puff pastry ghosts. They can be prepped ahead and baked just before the party.
diy cat face cookies

Halloween party desserts

If it’s a party with kids then you’ve got to have some traditional dessert foods. It’s simple to make these cat & mouse treats, and they are oh-so-cute! They’re semi-homemade so they go together quick and easily. You could even make this a party activity where everyone makes their own.

girl holding cat cookie

How to make cat face cookies

To make the cat cookies you’ll need prepared sugar or snickerdoodle cookies from the bakery section; soft ones work best for these. Chocolate icing, Twizzlers, small tube of red decorator icing, candy eyes from the baking decoration section.

  1. Spread chocolate icing over the top of the cookie.
  2. Use Twizzlers for the whiskers. Just pull the strands apart and cut them down to size. When you attach them they will stick to the icing.
  3. Attach an M&M for the nose, and candy eyes from the baking section.
  4. Draw a mouth using a tube of red decorator icing.
  5. Use another cookie and cut out two triangle shapes. Adhere them at the top for ears. TIP: Cut the cookie like you cut a pizza so you get even triangles.
chocolate mouse for Halloween party

How to make chocolate cherry mice 

For these you’ll need cherries with stems attached, Hershey’s chocolate Kisses, chocolate for melting, almond slices, and a red decorator icing tube.

  1. If your cherries are packed in syrup, pat them dry with a paper towel.
  2. Melt chocolate pieces in a bowl in the microwave, stirring at 30 second intervals until melted and smooth.
  3. Use a small spoon and place a small dollop of melted chocolate on wax paper.
  4. Dip a cherry into the chocolate to cover; attach it to the bottom end of a Hershey’s Kiss.
  5. Slide 2 almond slices between the cherry and the Kiss for ears.
  6. Place on chocolate dollop to set up.
  7. Repeat process for as many ‘mice’ as you want and refrigerate until completely set; about 30 minutes.
  8. Add eyes using the red decorator icing.
Halloween party table decor
Halloween party drinks with ghost stirrers
apple cider in jug with fruit "eyeballs"

Party drinks

Serve family friendly drinks for the group, but add in an adult option too.

  • Serve traditional apple cider garnished with Halloween floating eyeballs. Pour the cider into a growler or other jug or bottle so it’s easy to pour and looks good on the table.
  • Serve the grownups a green Halloween punch, and give the kids green fruit juice with diy ghost drink stirrers. You can simply use any green tinted juice and give it a fun name like “monster juice” or “green goblin juice.”
  • I love using 4- or 8-ounce wide mouth canning jars for drinks. These are inexpensive and can be used over and over again if you do much casual entertaining. You can top your jars in fun ways too. 
fall porch decor pumpkins and mums
boy holding Happy Halloween sign
cat pumpkin carving

Easy party favors

 If you know me you know I love an easy edible party favor. Send guests home with a container filled with one of the party mixes I’ve listed above. There’s basically no extra work for the host. Just purchase some cute tins, boxes or bags that are take-home size.

Of course everyone will have their carved pumpkins to take home too. Make sure you take some photos of everyone’s creations before they go!

Free printable cat stencils

Check out these printable options for your pumpkin carving stencils. They all have a cat theme to match the party.

  1. A classic Black Cat
  2. Another cat stencil in this post
  3. More carving patterns
  4. Here’s the biggest assortment of cat stencils
  5. Love this simple cat face
  6. Download and print this cat silhouette NOW
  7. Here’s an array of pumpkin carving stencils courtesy of My School Bucks.

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