4 Ways to Top Your Drink Jars at Outdoor Parties

Keep bugs out of your beverage with any one of these 4 ways to top your drink jars. Outdoor parties are great but uninvited guests like flies, bees, and gnats are not! Keep them from taking a swim in your cocktail or mocktail with a cute topper that can be fitted over canning jar glasses. These are perfect to add to your list of summer entertaining ideas to make life better. 

4 ways to keep those pesky bugs out of your summer drinks. Start with small canning jars + these toppers.

You know I love to use canning jars to serve beverages in when hosting casual parties, right? Well here are 4 ways to top your jars for drinks so they stay bug-free while sipping. One of the main concerns here in the South is bugs and keeping them at bay, especially from our drinks! You don’t have to worry about the critters getting inside when you use one of these ‘tricks’ plus they just plain look cute!

These are some of the ideas I’ve used in previous photo shoots…
4 ways to keep those pesky bugs out of your summer drinks - paper topper

  • PAPER – One of the simplest toppers for your canning jars is scrapbook paper, and with the variety of colors and patterns out there you can match any party you host. All you do is trace the circle from the lid insert onto the back of the paper, cut it out, and use a hole punch to create a hole for the straw to go through. Easy Peasy! See how this looks in my summer cookout.

4 ways to keep those pesky bugs out of your summer drinks - fabric topper

  • FABRIC – Using fabric is another way to top your canning jars and can lend a home-spun feel to the decor. Just as with the scrapbook paper option, there’s an unlimited variety of patterns to use. Start by cutting out a square of fabric using pinking shears. Make sure it’s big enough to cover the mouth of the jar plus extra to hang over the sides. Next, cut a small “x” for the straw to fit through, lay it on top of the jar, and tie it down with ribbon or twine. Alternately you can just use the threaded part of the lid to secure the fabric.

4 ways to keep those pesky bugs out of your summer drinks - doily topper

  • DOILIES – I love the idea of using small crocheted doilies to cover the jars. It adds a shabby chic or vintage look to any party design, and they can be found in most fabric or craft stores. Also great, is that they have the opening already in the design so you can slip the straw right in. See how these look in my shabby chic graduation party.

4 ways to keep those pesky bugs out of your summer drinks - cutout lid topper

  • CUTOUT LIDS – No DIY here but still just as cute, these cutout lid toppers are perfect for any party. You can find them online, or Hobby Lobby or other craft stores. They have a hole built right into the center for the straw too! See how these look in my backyard graduation party.

Which lid topper is your favorite?

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  1. Cute ideas! I had seen and used some of these, but I had never thought of, or seen the scrapbook paper idea. I love that! There are so many great scrapbook papers you could theme to go along with your party, I love that!

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