Crazy For Cranberries!

Ahhhh, cranberries. One of the icons of the holiday season. Let’s take a look at some of the simple but elegant things you can do with these little gems.


I can definately see myself replicating the candle centerpiece idea. Tall glass vase, check. Floating candle, check. Large red flower, check. Fresh cranberries from the grocer, check!

If a traditional floral arrangement is more your style, pop them in your glass vase and surround them with cranberries.

You have to keep Champagne cold, right? So why not do it with style? Freeze some ice cubes with cranberries in them and put them in the champagne bucket.

Very cute and simple way to display place cards.

photos courtesy of better homes and gardens

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  1. *blushing* Thank you!

    LOVE the cranberries in ice! Perfect way to spruce the bar up without being too cutesy! Oh the holiday fun to be had!


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