Now Serving Skewers!

Is it just me, or does food taste better when served on a stick? I’m not talking about the grilled kabobs you’re so familiar with. I’m talking individual sized appetizer bites prettily displayed on a long wooden skewer or short fancy pick.

Flavorful Bites! A great example for skewered appetizers are caprese skewers with marinated mozzarella, basil, and grape tomatoes.

Or try a chunk of ham(smoked or honey roasted), slice of apple, and a chunk of blue cheese. YUMMMMM! How else can you get all these flavors to combine in your mouth together?

Presentation is Everything! Make your pigs-in-a-blanket or meatballs more elegant by serving them in little rows on a skewer.

Wrap a piece of ham around a chunk of pineapple, place a cherry on top if you like {via BHG}; skewer it into a pineapple and your guests will be impressed!

Fun for kids! This fruit presentation is Georgeous! How could anyone resist eating their fruit when it looks like this? Cut flower shapes into fruit using cookie cutters. Perfect for a kid’s party or Spring shower.

Another perfect idea for special kids breakfast or any brunch menu: french toast kabobs(from the freezer section!) paired with fruit.

Here’s a Tip: If you want to display your skewers upright in rows, use a container and fill with craft foam so the sticks will hold. Then cover the foam with something that follows the theme such as cranberries at the holidays, jelly beans or other small candies, colored basket filler, craft moss, etc. Just make sure the food will not touch the non-edible filler.
More delicious combinations on a stick!:
  • cheddar cheese cube stacked with pineapple chunk
  • antipasto skewers: cooked cheese filled tortellini, chunk of pepperoni, cube of cheese, olive, grape tomato, all drizzled and marinated in Italian dressing
  • Cube of dense bread(focaccia, ciabatta), cube of salami, cube of smoked provolone

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  1. Yes! Everything is better on a stick-I actually just made the tomato, basil, and mozz on skewers last night. Great post-will definitely have to try the french toast idea!

  2. Chris,
    That is so great!
    Last year, my mom and I tried the fruit presentation and looked very similar to that except we added honeydews and melons. scooped circles out using ice cream scoops and fit them in as middles of the “flowers”..
    It is definitely a great way to get people to eat fruit. Well it worked for my family at least! and we gave it out as gifts as well.

    Thanks for sharing such adorable ideas. I really wanna try to the pigs-in-a-blanket one!!!

  3. I LOVE the french toast idea! I may have to do that for easter. Such great ideas!


  4. This is so great! I think this would be totally fun for smaller events like bridal showers or even cocktail parties. I love the caprese skewers and the cheese ones. SO festive!! xoxo

  5. I love this. I haven’t seen the pigs in a blanket like that. Thanks for sharing the great post.

  6. You’re just on a roll this week! What great posts! My personal fav is cheese and pineapple.

    Those pig in a blanket on a stick crack me up! how cute

  7. I’ve never seen the french toast ones! What an easy to serve idea for a brunch. Great post!

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