Moroccan Themed Party Ideas & Decorations

Moroccan theme party ideas, decorations, tablescape and food for a dinner party at home. Host this exotic theme for a birthday celebration for adults, or host an outdoor party in the garden for a bridal shower or engagement.

Moroccan themed table setting outdoors with floor seating.

When to Use This Theme

This colorful party theme is fantastic to transport your guests to another location, even if only in spirit.

This adult theme party is perfect for a milestone birthday for someone turning 25, 30, 40, or 50. It can also be called and Arabian Nights theme, or Lawrence of Arabia theme.

It’s great for couples to celebrate an anniversary at home with friends or family.

It would be so fun to host a bridal shower or bridesmaids luncheon and you could set it up like an indoor picnic.

outside party scene with colorful table setting with lawn seating.

Decoration Ideas

Decorating for your party can be such fun, especially if you like mixing and matching items. A Moroccan style party can seem formal with all that gold and silk, but it’s also a bit eclectic with an old-world Bohemian vibe.

Here are some things you definitely want to incorporate in order to set the scene.

  • Create a ‘magic carpet’ vibe. Layer rugs on top of rugs with old-world oriental styles and sheepskin rugs. Some modern geometric patterns can work too as long as they’re simple designs.
  • Floor seating with oversize pillows and cushions to sit on.
  • Colorful fabrics such as saris with gold-trimmed edges, and details including tassels or sequins.
  • Elegant luxury fabrics like silk, gold embroidery, or soft velvet.
  • Bright colors and jewel tones like pink, orange, yellow, blue, red, and green.
  • Lots of gold and brass metals for props and décor.
  • Gold tone or brass Moroccan-style lanterns, hanging lanterns, and candles.
  • Scatter rose petals along tables or walkways, and float some in a bowl of water along with a floating candle.
  • Use an abundance of fabric draped across tables or layered over each other. Pull curtains or sheer mosquito netting back to reveal a lovely buffet table or seating area.
  • Set up a tent for an outside party and hang sheer fabric or curtain panels for an enclosed feel.
  • If you have a small room with a chandelier hanging in the center, create an intimate space by attaching long stretches of fabric (right off the bolt) from the center light fixture to the corner of the ceiling and down to the floor. Use tiny finishing nails to secure the fabric to the outer corners, or use temporary wall hooks.
  • Add a potted palm tree or small plant for more ambiance.

Setting the Mood

  • Light some incense to surround yourself with the scent of Arabian nights.
  • Get engulfed in the theme by playing music that creates the atmosphere. On Spotify, look up playlists for Bollywood, Arabian, or Moroccan tunes.
  • Play a Moroccan themed movie or two in the background with the sound off. Good ones are Casablanca (1942), The Mummy (1999), Road to Morocco (1942).

PARTY TIP: DIY your own embellishments for pillows, curtains or table coverings. Buy gold trim fringe and tassels from the fabric store and attach it using a hot glue gun.

party table with green fabric topped with a cake, candles and mosquito netting hanging above.
chicken skewers on wood plate sitting in a basket on its side.

Invitation Wording

I love to add some puns to an invitation when I can. It doesn’t have to be over done, just a few simple phrases can do the trick. Here’s some wording to get you started.

Take a magic carpet ride and come to the Kasbah for a night of Bollywood and belly dancing (if you dare)! We’ll “hook-ah” you up with food, drinks, and fun so dress in your Moroccan themed finest!

From there you can add the specifics like time and place, and RSVP details.

PARTY TIP: Shop thrift stores for gold and brass decorations and props you can use. You’ll be surprised at what you can discover!

Moroccan Inspired Tablescape 

I absolutely loved pulling this table together in the backyard. Layering fabric and place settings is so easy anyone can do it!

dinner party tablescape with gold candles and roses centerpiece.


Place a tall flower arrangement at the end of the table so it doesn’t interfere with conversation and guests view of each other.

Red roses are a lovely choice and they can be arranged in an old world style urn to complement the rest of the dining table décor.

If you don’t have Moroccan lanterns, use a collection of brass candlesticks in different shapes and sizes to line down the center of the table. Candlesticks are great if you’re using a narrow folding table.

low party table outside with rugs and pillows to sit on.

Floor Seating

One thing you “have” to have for a Moroccan inspired party is a low table with floor seating, or in this case lawn seating.

You don’t have to be a DIY expert to create a makeshift low table. Simply place a large piece of plywood on two plastic storage boxes or crates of equal height. Add colorful, elegant throws to cover the table and hide what’s underneath.

Scatter an array of rugs, faux rawhide, and colorful pillows to sit on.

Table place setting with gold charger, decorative dinner plate, and white salad plate topped with colorful paper scroll.

Place Settings

Layer gold chargers with a colorful mix of vintage dinner plates. Look for plates that have a wide decorative band around the outside, and if it has gold accents then all the better!

Top the more ornate dishes with modern white salad plates and round out the setting with colorful and gilded Moroccan tea glasses.

vintage glass carafes with liqueur tags around the neck.
Moroccan tea glass with gold tassel stir stick inside.

Finishing Touches

Adding small details is one of my favorites things to do when setting a themed table. Here are 3 unexpected details for this table.

  • Add an Indian scroll to each place setting. Guests can either write a note for the guest of honor, OR the hostess can write a personal note to each guest. You can usually find these at World Market.
  • Use vintage salt cellars with tiny spoons to serve the salt and pepper in with.
  • Easy DIY tasseled drink stirrers. They’re decorative and come in handy for stirring your cocktail.
layered place setting dishes on gold charger with paper scroll on top of plate.

PARTY TIP: Use pretty vintage carafes and decanters to hold liquors like vodka and gin, so guests can mix up cocktails.

Dinner party table set with colorful fabrics, dishes, and gold candlesticks.

Theme Party Food 

Eat small plates with your hands! Serve multiple mezze platters for intimate gatherings. Mezze is a selection of small dishes served with alcoholic drinks in the Near East. 

Include some stuffed dates wrapped in bacon. If you’re having a sit down dinner you can pass these around on a tray during cocktail time.

Add a signature drink like mint green tea.

chicken with curry sauce on rice on tan plate.
orange, yellow and purple carrots on gold dish.

Dinner Party Menu

Create your own menu or hire a private chef or caterer to celebrate a special event. Add Middle Eastern favorites and dishes with a Mediterranean influence.

Here’s a sample menu that you can serve for 6 or 8 people.

  • Start with a first course of fig salad. Figs and halloumi cheese are popular in Middle Eastern countries.
  • Serve easy roasted carrots with cumin for a simple and delicious side dish.
  • A plated dinner with Curry Chicken over rice and served with bowls of toppings is fantastic!
  • Or you could serve lamb chops that are easy to prep ahead and cook when guests arrive.
  • Another good side dish to serve with lamb is wild rice with fruit and nuts.
small layer cake topped and surrounded with grapes, cherries, cumquats and fresh sage leaves.

PARTY TIP: Make or purchase a layer cake for dessert, and decorate it yourself. Top it with fresh fruit like kumquats, grapes, cherries or figs. Add fresh sage leaves for greenery.

ice cubes with flowers frozen inside, in glass ice bucket.
fresh cherries and cut limes on small white plate on gold charger plate.

Set up a Bar

  • Set up a separate table where guests can grab a drink when they first arrive. It can also be a place to set down gifts and admire the cake. 
  • Make decorative ice cubes with edible flowers frozen inside for a beautiful touch. It’s easy to do but make sure your flowers are indeed edible! You can also use the large dried pieces from a good quality herbal tea blend. Here I used both to give the ice some diversity.
  • Provide a few liquors and let guest mix up a cocktail. Vodka and gin work well here, but rum would also be a nice addition. Just add 1 1/2 oz. spirits to 4 oz. of your flavored mixer of choice. Garnished with limes, fresh cherries, or mint leaves.
hand holding tea glass with mint garnish.

What to Wear

Encourage guests to follow a dress code and wear festive Moroccan themed attire. Anything with gold trim, bright colors, or all white outfits will work.

  • Pretty caftans in exotic prints and colors.
  • Colorful saris wrapped around the body in the traditional manner.
  • Gold body jewelry including body chains, toe rings, head chains, and dangly earrings.
  • White linen shirts and pants.
  • Belly dancer garb with finger cymbals, or harem pants.
  • Beautiful scarves or veils draped lightly over the head.
  • Loose tunics or shirts without a collar.
  • Gorgeous babouche slippers with embroidery or embellishments.
  • A red fez hat.
mirrored tray with gold bowl of water and rub-on tattoos, plus small vase of flowers.

Party Activities

Take the party to the next level with these fun activities!

  • Henna tattoos are a traditional art form in a Moroccan celebration, but be careful. Sometimes henna can rub off onto furniture or fabric.
  • Take a more practical approach for a home party and provide gold rub-on decals instead. They can be applied to the wrist or ankle without extra worry or expense. They’re a fun novelty to indulge in for one night with the girls! Set up a tray of supplies and have each decal cut and ready to apply. Add a bowl of water with a sponge available to apply it to the skin. 
  • Hire a belly dancer! This would be so much fun for a birthday celebration. And you could also have them give everyone a lesson on how to do a belly dance.
  • Rent a Hookah if you can. You might need to inquire about this through an event planning company.
  • Dance to Bollywood music. It’s so upbeat and fun!
small candle, emery board, soap, and flowers on green table cloth.

Party Favors

Send your guests home with something to remember the night by. Fill a small gift bag with useful items that have that exotic Middle Eastern aesthetic.

Add a small candle, a decorative emery board, and a fragrant soap wrapped in pretty paper. These items are chosen for their design and can be found at places like World Market, or online.

More Party Themes for Adults

If you like this Moroccan themed party, here are some more themes to try out. They all have a travel vibe so get your guest list ready!

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  1. Chris! Did I miss the invitation? This party looks AMAZING. The colors, textures, food and drink. I love-love-love the Moroccan theme. xo

    1. Oh, Kelly I’m sure it must have gotten lost in the mail! 😉
      Thank you – I love a Moroccan theme too!

  2. wow! what a beautiful party! Everything looks perfect! Love those bottles with the crystals on top, the cake with the fruit and mmm are those stuffed grape leaves I see? I’m in love!

    1. Thanks so much Angie. The food was delicious and very easy to put together. And I just love using vintage decanter bottles, don’t you!

  3. What a beautiful table! I’m having company for dinner this weekend, and you’ve inspired me to pull out some special touches 🙂

    1. That’s great to hear, Liz. It doesn’t take too much effort to add something special here and there 🙂

  4. So beautiful and colorful. You did an amazing job with this. Such an inspiration.

  5. I loved your Morrocan concept. All the colors went well with the golds. I think I probably would have had a runner of Morrocan lanterns but the candles gave it a glamorous look too. I also liked the palmy rose floral design. Nice job!

    1. Thanks Erik, that would be beautiful with a runner of lanterns. Unfortunately, there were none to be found as I was shopping around! LOL
      It gave me an opportunity to show an alternative, plus it kept it from looking “too” themed 😉

    1. Thank you Courtney. I have to admit this is the first time I’ve ever NOT wanted to cut into a cake! It was too much fun decorating it.

  6. Chris!! You put sooooo much work into this! It turned out beautiful! Love all the little details…right down to your super cool bracelet/ring. And I love the gold tattoos too! *wink* Everything is lovely!!

    1. Thanks so much Jessica. It was a lot of fun to put together. So glad you like it!

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