Havana Nights Theme Party

Cuban Havana nights theme party for adults with ideas for décor, food buffet, cocktails, what to wear, and more. This is fun for a themed dinner party, a grownup birthday, or outdoor summer parties.

party buffet with tropical theme decorations on burlap tablecloth.

Take your guests to Cuba with a Havana Nights party. This adult theme party is perfect for summer parties. It’s full of bright colors, tropical flowers and greenery, and delicious food and drinks

Havana Theme Party Ideas

This party includes easy styling ideas you can do at home, as well as delicious food Havana is known for, traditional cocktail drinks, and fun activates.

It’s a great theme to welcome spring and summer, or to host for a guys birthday celebration. Classic Cuban symbols like cigars and strong cocktails bring a naturally masculine touch to the party.

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food table party decorations with crates of fruit, and vase of tropical flowers.

How to Host a Cuban Theme Party

We’re setting the scene for a night in Havana! By incorporating natural resources that Cuba is known for you can bring the ‘feeling’ of being in Havana, to your guests.

You should add fun themed props to your décor. Here’s a list of items to help give you a Havana vibe.

  • Cigars
  • Coffee
  • Rice
  • Burlap
  • Vintage style postcards
  • Dominos game
  • Tropical flowers & leaves
  • Palm tree
  • Wood crates
  • Tropical fruit
buffet table with crate of lemons and limes.

DIY Decorations

Decorate with a combination of neutral tones and bright colors to evoke that island feel.

  • Create the atmosphere with brightly colored tropical flowers and rustic burlap.
  • Use palm trees, large tropical leaves, and mosquito netting to bring in a tropical ambiance.
  • Pick up empty cigar boxes from your local cigar shop for just a couple of dollars each. Use them in interesting ways throughout the party. Incorporate them into the centerpiece, use them as risers for food display, and create favor boxes with them.
  • Using wood crates to hold fresh fruit, or as a riser to set food on.
  • Stack vintage suitcases as a decorative element, or use a smaller one open, to hold photo props, drinks, or dishes.
  • Set out fun musical instruments like ukulele and bongo drums.
Bar table set up with clear cocktails, dark cocktails, and tropical plants.

Hang a tropical print backdrop using a twin size flat sheet or fabric cut right off the bolt.

Havana Theme Tablescape

Set the table with rustic and tropical items which is what comes to mind when I think of Cuba. Set your dining table with a burlap topper for a neutral base.

tropical themed tablescape with burlap cover, and tropical flower centerpiece, outside.

Add wooden table décor and coconut shell bowls filled with dried banana chips.

Cuban themed place setting on burlap tablecloth, overhead view.

Use woven fans as a place mat. They work well with the theme and come in handy if you’re holding the party outside in the heat. They can also double as take-home party favors.

Design each place setting with a rattan or wood charger and layer it with colorful dishes.

Add vintage style coasters or post cards that have a Cuba theme.

tropical flowers in cigar box, centerpiece.


Design a centerpiece with tropical flowers. This one is simple but eye catching.

  1. Use a shipping-style crate and fill it with excelsior.
  2. Hide a riser inside and place a cigar box on top, filled with flowers. The flowers are actually inserted into a smaller vase sitting inside the cigar box.
  3. Add some cigars in the excelsior for a whimsical touch.
mojito and rum and coke drinks on wood table.

Cuban Cocktails

The best way to welcome your guests is with a signature cocktail! Serve up two of Cuba’s most famous drinks, a mojito and a cuba libre.

Tropical flavored cocktails are also good drink ideas.

What Food to Serve

Present food on top of, and inside of cigar boxes and wooden trays. Fill them with uncooked rice or dried black bean, or tropical leaves.

Serve themed appetizers on a buffet table, or serve a meal family-style. Include a bowl of chicharrones (crispy pork rinds), plantain chips and chips with a variety of tropical salsas.

appetizer canapes on palm frond.

Turn the classic Cuban sandwich into mini size bites with open faced Cuban appetizer canapes. These are positively addictive!

tropical salsa in mini glasses on wood tray with leaf decoration.

Themed appetizers include mango salsa served with rice chips.

fried empanadas on a bed of black beans on wood dish.

Tasty empanadas are a Cuban staple.

More Cuban Cuisine

Havana cuisine includes a blend of African, Spanish, and Caribbean styles with delicious spices.

Main Dish

  • Rice & beans
  • Rice & chicken
  • Slow cooked shredded beef & onions
  • Pulled pork tacos
  • Cubano sandwiches
  • Picadillo
  • Tamales
  • Fried plantains
caramel flan with mug of coffee.


The most well known dessert is flan. This custard-like treat with caramel topping is easy to make and the single-serving size makes a lovely presentation placed on a bed of coffee beans. 

Here are some more ideas.

cigar box filled with candy cigars, matches, and mini rum bottle.

Party Favors

Send your guests home with a fun party favor. Fill a cigar box with excelsior and add chocolate cigars, mini rum bottle, and match books that are actually filled with mints.

Print a simple ’thank you’ tag to add to the box and your guests will have a sweet reminder of their evening in Havana.

What to Wear?

In general the look can either be white linen and cotton, or bright and bold colors for a festive feel.

  • Women can wear flowy dresses, tropical prints, floral prints, off-the-shoulder styles, bandeaux style tops, and wrap skirts.
  • Men should wear light colored or white linen suits, straw fedoras or Panama hats, tropical print shirts, loose trousers, or white crop pants.
  • A guayabera is a traditional lightweight button down shirt that men wear, and may have decorative stitching down the front.

Fun Activities

  • Play vintage Cuban music.
  • Dance the salsa.
  • Start a Conga line.
  • Have a limbo contest.
  • Share some Cuban trivia.

Are you ready to host your own Night in Havana party?

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  1. This is wonderful!! I love the heat and we vaca in hot places, this makes me wanna get away and party in the heat. Stunning display, as usual.

  2. What a well-thought out and detailed theme! I live and work in South Florida not too far from “Little Havana” and our Cuban born population never tires of seeing themes of their homeland.

    Thanks for the inspiration.

  3. Hi i’m looking for a printable or digital invitations for my night in havana party. Can you help?

  4. Wow … this party knocks my “grown-up” socks right off … can’t even imagine how excited I will be at the party.
    The ideas are so fresh and creative, Chris, you just keep me amazing! I am eager to go to the islands with the great food.
    Great job, you are no doubt an artist!

  5. My mom is Cuban (born in Havana) and we sooo love this party! Awesome!

  6. I LOVE this theme so much I threw myself a 30th birthday party with it! It was SO MUCH FUN! Your ideas are great! Here's what I did… had to have those cuban sandwiches!

  7. This makes me want to go to the islands! I need a Mojito~ quick!

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