Our Best Picnic Ideas For Adults Will Make You Swoon

We’re sharing fall Picnic ideas with wine so they’re perfect for couples and adults. When it comes to packing a picnic we’ve got you covered with picnic food suggestions, travel tips, and a list of exactly what to bring. A picnic for adults is different than a family picnic so follow our tips and start planning a picnic date now!

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Picnic Ideas for Couples

Fall is my favorite season. It ushers in cuter fashion options, more comfortable temperatures, and lots of fun outdoor activities. This year why not plan a romantic picnic for two as a date outing to enjoy all of those? 

A day of apple picking is the perfect scenario to set your fall picnic in!

Here in central Virginia we are only a short drive away from dozens of apple orchards. And there’s always ample space for taking a rest and spreading out a picnic lunch. Adding a bottle of wine like Merlot makes it extra special and tasty for fall.

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how to pack picnic sandwich and salads

Easy Picnic Food

Save your self time and hassle by purchasing your picnic menu from the grocery store or local sandwich shop. Deli sandwiches and bagged chopped salad are excellent options. 

Try to buy food that doesn’t need to be kept cold with an ice pack. 

  • Take the sandwiches out of the packaging you bought it from and wrap them individually with parchment paper. This makes them easy to travel and easy to eat without getting messy.

HOSTESS TIP: Add extra meat, cheese, or toppings to pre-made sandwiches from the deli. You’ll get a more customized sandwich but with less work.

  • Prepare the bagged salad and transfer it to individual serving jars with lids. Use vinaigrette dressing rather than a cream based dressing so there’s no worry about spoilage. 
  • Cheese and wine are classic options for a couples picnic. Add charcuterie & cheese to your basket along with simple water crackers and fruit or nuts. One or two cheeses should be plenty for a party of two. Try brie, hard goat cheese, or classic white cheddar.

Want more food ideas? Try this easy travel menu.

  • Add a bag of kettle potato chips. They’re my go-to chip for entertaining because they’re delicious and go with everything!
  • Pack a bottle of wine like Merlot. It’s terrific paired with roast beef sandwiches from the deli.
  • Pick up some brownies from the bakery for dessert. They’re easy to eat and they travel well. They also taste delicious with the Merlot wine. If you want homemade, try my outrageous fudge brownie recipe.
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romantic fall picnic for two with wine
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What items you need

Here’s a list of items that will make your picnic outing run smoothly (affiliate links).

  1. A traditional picnic basket helps set the scene for a romantic date.
  2. This picnic backpack is great for drinks and has lots of accessory pieces.
  3. Flip top bottles are the new plastic!
  4. Glass jars are way more chic and kind to our planet than plastic containers.
  5. Use cloth napkins to cushion your breakables, and to help save on waste.
  6. A picnic blanket and throws are a must for laying a foundation.
  7. Eco friendly plates and utensils help the environment.
  8. Don’t forget a travel cork screw.
  9. Berry baskets are great for carrying food like brownies, chips, or sandwiches.
brownies at a picnic
apple picking in fall

How to Pack a Picnic

Pack two small picnic baskets rather than one large one. They’ll be lighter and each person can carry one. Fill one with food and the other with drinks and other essentials.

Bring a couple of baskets for apple picking, and your favorite guy or gal!

  • Fill flip-top bottles with water. They’re MUCH better for the environment than buying more plastic bottles.
  • Use blankets and throws to cushion breakable bottles.
  • Wrap the wine glasses in cloth napkins to cushion them. 
  • Don’t forget the cork screw, utensils, and small plates.
  • Bring along a small trash bag to clean up your mess if there’s no trash can available.
  • Some extras you may want to take along are fresh flowers, a camera, a good book, and extra throws in case a chill hits the air.

Make sure you drink responsibly.

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planning a fall picnic with wine

More Picnic Ideas for Adults

Picnics aren’t just for couples. Here are some ideas to try with a group of friends.

  1. Head to a local winery and then purchase their specialty bottles to go with your food.
  2. Go to a community park and set up yard games to play.
  3. Find a nature trail to hike and then set up a picnic at the end.
  4. Head to an outdoor concert with picnic in tow.
  5. Of course our apple picking fall picnic is a great idea! You can make these delicious apple appetizers with your bounty.
  6. Set up a stylish tailgate picnic party for football games.
  7. Do a picnic and movie night in your own back yard.
  8. Find a steeplechase nearby and make a day of it.
  9. A picnic by the lake or on a boat is nice for spring and summer.

I hope this inspires you to pack a picnic and hit the road for some outdoor fun. A fall picnic is the best way to enjoy the season. Pack a basket and don’t forget the wine!

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