4th of July Balloon Party Décor

This Red, White & Blue Balloons DIY will make your 4th of July party more festive! Make this easy project for your holiday celebration with these instructions. Add them to summer entertaining from Memorial day through Labor day.

Red, White & Blue Balloons DIY

Red, White & Blue Balloons DIY for the 4th of July

It’s almost time to celebrate Independence Day in the good ole USA. Since it’s such a festive occasion I thought it would be fun to create a red, white & blue balloons diy project for the 4th of July, with Balloon Time helium tanks. This is an idea I’ve had in my head for a while and it works really well for this patriotic theme.

This is super simple and requires items easily found at most any craft store. I’m using red, white, & blue balloons, ribbon, and washi tape, and combining the colors in an eye-catching way. I was thrilled to find the stars and stripes patterns in the tape and ribbon.

The gist of this project is to add strips of tape to the balloons using colors that complement the party decor. To give it a ‘finished’ look just add diy ribbon tassels at the tail. In some odd, abstract way this actually reminds me of a firecracker!

This is a great balloon project to add to your list of 4th of July party ideas. or to include with my red, white & blue party here.

Red, White & Blue Balloons DIY Red, White & Blue Balloons DIY project supplies.This Red, White & Blue Balloons DIY will make your 4th of July more festive!

Red, White & Blue Balloons DIY for 4th of July


  • balloons in three colors (9-inch to 12-inch balloons work well for this)
  • decorative washi tape in red, white, and blue colors/patterns
  • ribbon in three colors
  • Balloon Time helium tank
  • String to tie onto balloons

Using your helium tank, inflate the balloons and tie them off. Attach string to balloon tails.

Cut 2-inch strips of decorative washi tape and attach to balloons in a random pattern.

Cut several strips of decorative ribbon about 8-inches long. Gather together about 10-12 strips and tie them together tightly at one end, using a thin piece of ribbon; leave enough at the ends to tie around the balloon tail.

Once you’ve adorned your balloons with the decorative tape and ribbon tassels, cluster them together and tie them to tables, chairs, entrances, etc.

TIP: Pre-cut about 25 strips of the washi tape and lightly attach them to the edge of a table so they’re ready to just grab-and-stick to the inflated balloon. You may need more or less depending on the size of balloons.

Red, White & Blue Balloons DIY for 4th of July

I just love how these patriotic balloons look. You can find more great decorative party ideas on the Balloon Time party ideas gallery, here. In the meantime let me know what you think in the comments below.

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