Cricut Menu Cards for a Dinner Party

These easy Cricut menu cards are perfect for a dinner party! They have 2 layers that include the menu and conversation starters, and it’s all simple to do using the Cricut machine.

menu card made with Cricut machine, laying on red and blue plate.

Today I’m going to show you how to make these awesome layered menu cards using the Cricut Explore Air 2. This is another version of my diy layered menu set, but most of the work is done using my Cricut. I’m able to design, write, and cut all in one space!

Admittedly I don’t always incorporate menu cards or place cards into my tablescapes, but you have to agree it certainly adds an extra layer of personalization and décor to the overall look.

menu card with two layers with top being menu and bottom being conversation starters.

What You’ll Need

Cricut Supplies:

  • Cricut Explore Air
  • Cricut white card stock 12 x 12-inch sheet
  • color of your choice card stock 12 x 12-inch sheet
  • Cricut Very Berry fine point pen
  • Cricut Black 0.4 tip pen

Other Supplies:

  • small hole punch
  • decorative brads

Step by Step Instructions

Check out the steps below to create your own, and if something isn’t clear just drop me a comment.

  1. Log on to Cricut Design Space. For these menu cards I used the Note Card template and Calligraphy & Ballroom fonts shown above, and found here.
  1. Once you’re in Design Space, add the template and add your menu text. Size your card template to 6-inches in length.
  1. Write and cut your menu cards using the Very Berry fine point pen, and set aside.
  1. Using the same Note Card template, create a base card 1/2 inch larger than the menu card. Add text using any of these 36 conversation starters. Write and cut using the Black 0.4 point pen.
  1. Layer and center the menu card on top of the base conversation card and punch a small hole through the two pieces. Attach them together using a decorative brad.
  2. Place your menu/conversation cards at each place setting for your dinner party guests to enjoy.

I hope you’ll make these Cricut menu cards for a dinner party. I just know your guests will love them!

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Make these Easy DIY Layered Menu Cards that have a "secret" bonus - conversation starters! I'll show you how here.

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