36 Conversation Starters FREE Downloads

Get 36 Conversation Starters with this FREE download and get your party guests talking! These questions are fun and informative and geared towards adults. Print them and cut them out as cards, drink tags, place cards, and more. Get them here.

36 Conversation Starters FREE download

I love to use simple probing questions as a way to get conversation rolling, and today I have 36 conversation starters as free downloads. These are terrific when you’re hosting a party where everyone may not know each other very well.

I’ve posted a couple of parties in the past where I used these questions in the form of drink tags, and have gotten several emails over the years asking what the tags said. I’ve decided to offer these 36 conversation starters in this FREE download in a format that you can either print and cut using a shaped punch, or copy them in your own unique format to use how you like. I often use them in my 3-piece place card set.

There are 36 questions that will get your guests talking. Here are some ideas on how to use them.

36 Conversation Starters Ideas

  • Print on scrapbook paper, punch out with a craft punch, and tie on to drink stems.
  • Embellish your simple tags with things like scrapbook stickers, gems, fabric or burlap, etc.
  • Tie them onto flatware.
  • Tie them to the handle of coffee mugs or tea cups
  • Attach them to long skewers and insert them into a floral centerpiece or small vase.
  • Place them in a bowl and let guests draw a question one by one.


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