Host a Simple Birthday Celebration at Home

Enjoy these simple celebration at home ideas for a small birthday party with family. You’ll find fun ways to celebrate the day, tips for an easy menu, a festive table setting, and delicious dessert ideas.

yellow table with black and white place settings and food on table

Simple Celebration At Home

Once we become adults we tend to celebrate birthdays by the decade, not by the year. After we hit 21, it’s all about the “zeros,” right!

Here’s a way to get together with family or a small group of friends and have a simple celebration at home to commemorate all those years in between.

These ideas can also be used for a small party that recognizes special events in life like job promotions, a new home, personal achievements, etc.

The party ideas here are perfect for a ladies luncheon, a family supper, or almost anything in between!

simple birthday celebration table, yellow table with black and white plate settings

Set the table for a party

Create a table that’s easy to set but still festive and celebratory.

  • Use the guest of honor’s favorite colors to decorate with.
  • A tablecloth or fabric can instantly create a look. Since it covers a large area it can become the main color of the décor even if it’s the only place the color is used. This is a great trick to fool the eye into seeing more color.
  • A combination of black and white dishes and napkins gives any base color a bold graphic look. Layer place settings with black and white dishes for a dramatic impact.
  • Add a confetti-filled push pop to each place setting. Wrap it with color coordinating scrapbook paper to match the table.
  • Make a party style table runner with paper confetti. Sprinkle it down the center just as you would lay a fabric runner.
  • Make easy centerpieces with a mix of flowers and mini vases. Weave them back and forth down the center of the table for a simple accent. This allows the food to take center stage while still adding life to the table.
birthday celebration menu on yellow background

Easy birthday menu at home

Speaking of food on the table, serve an easy menu family-style. Here are some delicious recipes to try.

simple cheese plate on black platter
entrée pasta salad in white bowl

Birthday Cake for Dessert

The tradition in our family is that the birthday girl or boy gets to choose the birthday meal and the birthday cake of their choice. Here are some favorite cake ideas.

More ideas for home birthday celebrations

  • Have a birthday brunch complete with cake for breakfast
  • Create a spa day and pamper your self
  • Ask family to hop on a Zoom party
  • Dress up like you’re going out on the town
  • Have a living room dance party
  • Have a game day or movie day
  • Make it a “favorite things” day
  • Set out yard signs or pink flamingoes (number corresponds to age)
  • Add balloons or flowers to the decoration

And there you have it – a simple celebration at home with family.

And speaking of birthdays, I just had mine in June and it really inspired this celebration party idea. While we had a small group of friends over for a Sunday champagne brunch, I realized that casual and intimate setting was one of my favorite birthdays. No pomp and circumstance of the “zeros” could outdo it!

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