Gender Reveal Balloon Décor

This DIY balloon gender reveal project is a cute way to share the news with friends and family about what you’re expecting.

DIY balloon gender reveal project.

Remember when a simple baby shower was the only celebration surrounding a pregnancy? Then we introduced the baby sprinkle, the sip & see, and now the gender reveal party. We all love celebrating babies and new moms so the more parties, the better!

Today I’ve teamed up with Balloon Time to bring you this idea for a diy balloon gender reveal project. It’s just the kind of idea you look for here on CAH: simple, easy-to-do, and cute. It’s the kind of thing you can incorporate into any party decor or theme; just change up the colors of your balloon or display, as needed.

HOSTESS TIP: You will need to use an opaque balloon so the color of the confetti doesn’t show through. A dark color like the black works very well.

balloon in box with helium tank

Balloon Gender Reveal DIY


  • Balloon Time helium tank
  • 1 opaque balloon
  • pink or blue confetti
  • kitchen funnel
  • Display & craft items (thin ribbon, scissors, a box for the balloon to “sit” in, decorative tape, printable sign – download this one to print, here)
  • Straight pin
gender reveal idea

Pull the neck of the balloon up around the neck of the funnel and feed the confetti into it.

Shake confetti down to the bottom of the balloon and then blow it up using the Balloon Time helium tank. Tie it off and tie a ribbon on to the tail.

Use a medium sized decorative box to display the balloon. Attach the ribbon tail to the bottom of the box using decorative tape.

pin popping a balloon

During the shower, pop the balloon with the straight pin to see which color confetti flies out, revealing the gender of the baby.

PARTY TIP: Make sure to warn guests to hold their ears if they’re startled by the balloon popping sound.

balloon gender reveal
gender reveal sign

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