5 Trends in Home Entertaining

5 Trends in home entertaining.

5 Trends in Home Entertaining

These 5 trends in home entertaining can be incorporated into your next gathering to take it to the next level. My entertaining style is ever evolving and I love to incorporate the latest trends into any given party. It keeps things fresh and interesting!

If you’re new to CAH you should know that I am most inspired by what’s going on in the wedding industry, including events and catering. I think it’s so fun to incorporate what’s popular with event planners, into home entertaining, but on a smaller and more manageable scale. After all, it is their job to know what’s hot in the industry, if not create it themselves! And as I always say, whatever is popular in the bridal industry will trickle down to the home hostess.

Here are 5 trends I’m coveting right now. Some, I’ve incorporated over the years but they are enjoying a sudden spike in popularity, and some are just coming on to the scene. I’ve linked to some great examples so please check those out for great inspiration.

5 Trends in home entertaining - bohemian style

Bohemian Style

This trendy style is the updated version of the 60’s & 70’s hippie chick. And we have Coachella to thank for it.

Think floral garlands worn in the hair, succulents and air plants used in centerpieces, earthy accents combined with modern details, and low seating that begs for a laid back evening of fun.

Some of my favorite examples can be seen here,  here,  and here.

5 Trends in home entertaining - low tables and floor seating

Tables with Floor Seating

Speaking of low seating, that’s next on the list. I love this trend as it throws all formality out the door and demands that you relax and enjoy yourself.

It’s sort of an offshoot of the Bohemian style but it’s being incorporated into many party themes like, a Moroccan theme party, a ladies get together celebration, summer solstice party, and more.

Seating can be on the floor incorporating rugs, throws, and pillows, or you can sit on pretty poufs. Set it up outdoors or in the middle of the living room floor. Great for intimate gatherings for adults and kids alike.

5 Trends in home entertaining - decorated ice cubes

Ice Decoration

This isn’t a new idea but it does seem to have taken off in popularity this year. While I’ve been playing with ice for years – filling the trays with juice, adding berries or mint to the water, and using silicone trays with different shapes – adding flowers is a new twist. Make sure you use edible flowers if you’re going to put these in your drinks. If you only want to use them as a decorative touch to your champagne bucket, then any flowers will do.  Other fun things to do with ice? Make an ice bottle cooler for drinks or an ice bowl for food.

5 Trends in home entertaining - food bars

Food Bars

We all love a food bar right! This classic idea has taken on a whole new angle with build-your-own bowls. We love this idea so much because everyone gets their food the way they like it, plus it’s super easy on the hostess. All she needs to do is prep and display so guests can build and eat!

Try one or more of these self serve food bars.

5 Trends in home entertaining - Mule drinks

“Mule” Cocktails

I’m never quite sure how some of these trends get started but this has been the year of the “Mule” cocktail! Maybe it was the desire to create a signature cocktail to serve in these chic copper cups, but lifestyle gurus all around have taken the classic Moscow mule to a whole new level.

The possibilities are virtually endless. Mix one up before the summer ends, or serve for a tailgate party and make it your signature drink for the day.

Which of these trends would you most like to incorporate? Why not plan a party now and choose them all! Happy planning!

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  1. White is a strong trend for the bridal party and even wedding guests. No longer is it a faux pas to wear white to a wedding — we’re seeing bridesmaids pop up in white left and right.

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