Purple Birthday Tablescape with Floor Seating

This purple birthday tablescape is beautiful for an adult birthday celebration with the girls! Set up in the backyard with floor seating and add sparkly gold accents. These ideas are perfect for a ladies get-together or bridal luncheon too.

purple party ideas for adults

Birthday Get Together Ideas

This lavender hued table setting and party plan is so pretty for a ladies-only fete. Think milestone birthdays, bridal showers, or bridesmaids luncheon.

I was inspired by this piece of purple and cream fabric. The pattern feels a little exotic to me so I included Moroccan-style lanterns, lots of gold, and some mandala coloring pages as a fun and relaxing activity.

For more tablescapes to celebrate special occasions check out this colorful summer tablescape or a gorgeous pink and gray birthday table setting.

ladies get together ideas

Tablescape with Floor Seating

When the temperatures are mild it’s time to take our parties outside, and it’s fun to set up a table on the lawn and incorporate floor seating similar to this Moroccan inspired party.

You can do this with an adjustable height folding table, or place plywood on a steady base. Cover it with fabric to hide any unsightly supplies.

Place indoor/outdoor rugs and big pillows or cushions around the table for guests to sit on.

purple and gold tablescape


Since the table is a bit smaller than usual the centerpiece is kept small and minimal. Instead of one large floral arrangement, or even several smaller ones, use brass candlestick holders as vessels to hold individual flowers.

You can also place a few flower heads directly on the table as well as small air plants. There’s just enough room at the ends of the table to place two gold lanterns.

The overall look is an elegant mix of bohemian and exotic flair.

purple and gold table setting

Place Settings

For each place setting, layer modern gold striped plates on top of vintage gold-trimmed plates from the thrift store. Mix and match the old with the new I always say!

Add gold utensils and purple glasses with an edible flower garnish.

ladies activity card on mini clip board

Add a Unique Table Activity

It’s always fun to add something a little unexpected or different to a party. With that in mind I provided each guest with a coloring page from a mandala coloring book. They’re small so they fit onto a mini clipboard that makes it easy to color.

Included a mini box of colored pencils. Guests can take these home or work on them right at the table. These mandala coloring pages are supposed to be relaxing and are very on trend right now.

adult birthday cake

Cake Décor

Make the birthday cake part of the table setting decoration by adding fresh herbs and flowers to the top of the cake and around the plate.

mini cakes boxes favors

Party Favors

The party favors for this birthday celebration are mini cakes that come in pretty purple boxes that match our table. Find single serving pies in mini boxes in the bakery section of a grocery store like Walmart.

ladies night dinner party menu
dinner party roast chicken with rice on platter
bridal shower cake

Birthday Menu Ideas

Serve this light and delicious meal to your party guests. It’s great for a ladies luncheon or a dinner party.

  1. Start the meal by offering up a party cheese board.
  2. Serve a delicious fig salad as a starter course.
  3. A classic whole roasted chicken is universally appreciated and easily prepped and cooked ahead of time.
  4. Surround the chicken or lay it on a bed of wild rice with bacon & vegetables
  5. Round out the menu with more vegetables like oven roasted carrots. Add color and interest by using three colors of carrots in purple, gold, and orange.
  6. Finish the meal with a special celebration cake from the bakery.

PARTY TIP: Dress up a store-bought cake by adding fresh berries to the top, and surrounding it with fresh mint leaves, flowers, and babies breath. Don’t eat the flowers unless you’re sure they’re safe! Just remove them before eating the cake.

I hope you love these purple birthday tablescape ideas as much as I loved creating them. Do you have anything to celebrate this month?

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  1. I love love love this! What a lovely setting, the addition of the orchid to the glass looks fab.

    I can only imagine how large your tableware storage space is. I dream about having a collection of lots of bits and bobs but homeware is more expensive here in the U.K. not to mention I’ve no space to keep them.

    Really love the floor seating idea – I’m hosting a thanksgiving party and I wanted to use this too but my other half has vito-ed it!

    1. Thanks so much Tori!

      Yes, I have stashes of tableware all over the house. LOL I try to re-use things in a new way as much as possible but it still adds up, for sure.

      Maybe you could plan a “girls-only” floor seating party(?)! 😉

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