Chris Nease on Heart Filled Holidays Podcast

Listen to Chris of Celebrations At Home talk about home entertaining on this podcast.

Chris Nease talks home entertaining on Heart Filled Holidays podcast! That’s right, a couple of months ago I had an interview with Sandy Fowler for her weekly radio show all about home and family. This was a really fun experience and although I was a little nervous at first, I had the desire to do more once it was over!

I chatted with Sandy about my philosophy for entertaining and my mission behind the blog. This was a great way to start our discussion which then leads into 3 key areas of home entertaining: theme parties, showers, and food. Sandy was a joy to work with and it was more like sitting and having a conversation with a girl friend than doing a radio show.

Here’s the podcast below, which ran in early August. Just click the arrow to get started or download it here. My segment begins at the 15:45 mark and is about 20 minutes with a commercial break in between.

Chris Talks Home Entertaining:

Behind the scenes: It’s always weird to watch yourself or listen to yourself don’t you think? While I have no problems dancing in front of a crowd, I’m always self conscious about speaking. As a Southern gal I have that drawl that just can’t be hidden, and I speak at a slower pace than many of my counterparts. My brain can’t think while my mouth is moving! LOL  I was in awe at how fluid Sandy’s interviewing skills were.

Also, we had a pre-interview to go over the things we’d talk about but it’s very unrehearsed, of course. When Sandy asked me about specific shower themes, my mind went blank! I’ve done tons of themes, not to mention featured many here on the blog, and I was like a deer in headlights when asked about it. Haha, I pushed through, but you can almost hear me thinking when you listen to the podcast.

I hope you take a listen and let me know what you think {please be kind}. cheers!

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