9 Ideas For Chalkboard Painted Walls

9 ideas for chalkboard walls

Because I know we needed one more chalkboard post….

I’m in love with all the ideas for adding a chalkboard WALL to your home. I’m planning to paint a small wall in my son’s room with chalkboard paint, but that’s predictable. I love how these designers have decided to go big or go home, and painted very prominent walls with chalkboard paint. From a whimsical entry wall, to an incredible mural wall in entertaining spaces, these ideas are bold and interesting…


I adore this wall in the foyer that welcomes guests as they enter. The playful way the designer adds an empty frame with seasonal or occasional writings is inspired!


{source – unknown}



Set off a small storage or bar cart with a background of a painted chalkboard wall. Frame it out by placing a border of painters tape before you paint, or cover the wall from floor to ceiling.


{source – unknown}





Can you imagine painting a wall in your dining room with chalkboard paint? How fantastic do these rooms look! I think it’s cool how utilitarian pieces like shelves and lights can still be added to the wall, plus you have an instant menu board.  A recessed nook is a great little area to paint with chalkboard paint.



I have no words for the creative “architectural” wall that’s been drawn above. Creativity at its best!





Do you have a breakfast nook or an end wall in your kitchen? Paint it with chalkboard paint and let it become a family note area. The kids can draw and play while mom cooks, you can make a “to do” list, or keep track of grocery items that need replenishing.  Oh, and how about the fact that you can still add artwork or other hanging items to the wall!

Do you have the guts to paint a wall with chalkboard paint? I’m not sure I do, although I am tempted to find a small out-of-the-way spot to paint. After all, it’s just paint!

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  1. Seriously?! These are great. I was starting to feel like I was over the chalkboard art, walls etc… Now I’m dead set on creating one in our formal living/dining room. Thanks for the inspiration!

  2. If I didn’t rent my house, I know to two walls I would do this too. I have always like the chalk board idea and think that it will work in any house.

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