Tips for Organizing Your Coat Closet

organizing your coat closet

It’s been a while since I shared details of our new home, but today I’m going to give you some tips for organizing your coat closet as part of my partnership with Better Homes and Gardens products at Walmart. This month’s challenge was “stylish storage” and our coat closet was in desperate need of some storage solutions.

The coat closet is tucked into a tiny hallway just as you walk in from the garage. It’s small and kids’ and husband’s shoes just seem to get thrown on the floor making it look like a mess. I decided to head to Walmart to see what I could use to remedy the solution. When I saw this shoe organizer I knew it would work just as well in our coat closet as it would in a bedroom closet!

organizing our coat closet organizing your coat closet organizing our coat closet organizing our coat closet

Tips for Organizing Your Coat Closet:

  • First I removed everything from the closet. It’s amazing how much “junk” was in there that needed to be thrown away or transported to a more appropriate area.
  • Like I said, the closet is small but the shoe organizer fit in perfectly and leaves enough space on one side for extra long coats to be hung.
  • I used the cubbies for shoes as well as umbrellas, snow gloves and hats, and even plastic bags I recycle and use when needed.
  • The top of the organizer is sturdy so I put high top boots there, that are too big to fit inside a cubicle.
  • I also bought a new set of wooden suit hangers to hold all the heavy winter coats. I hate the look of mismatched hangers, don’t you? Make sure to have extras on hand for guest’s coats!
  • Finally, I added a basket at the top to hold hats and small pursed that I use often.

organizing your coat closet

There’s still some work to be done in this tiny hallway, but at least it’s more organized behind that door now. I’ve given some thought to removing the door altogether and hanging a wall to wall curtain instead. It seems like that might be easier for the kids to get in and out of, but first I’ll see how long they can keep up with this new storage solution.

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  1. My bedroom&closet desperately needs a makeover. It looks like a museum of pop culture in there! 😮

  2. LOL! Would I be allowed to say the whole area of my home? LOL! Over 20 years living in our home, and we haven’t done anything to it except our kitchen in 2006. Oy-Vey… 🙂

  3. Our hallway closet needs the most help! It’s like a catch all. We have shoes, suits, coats, games…You name it and it’s in there! Lol Very disorganized. I need some serious help in there! Thanks for the chance to win! 🙂

  4. Thanks for the inspiration to get it done. I try cleaning my garage, and things still pile up. Clearly, I don’t have a system in place. I could use some inspiration there!

  5. I need to organize my walk in bedroom closet. Every inch needs to utilized efficiently.

  6. My bedroom and its closet need to be reorganized badly. I’ve been spending money on several things only to find I had plenty of them buried on the side shelves of my closet, maybe I could use clear plastic boxes with labels to reorganize the cardboard boxes I’m using now? Open to any ideas!! Thank you for the chance to win the Wal-Mart gift card!!:)

  7. My garage needs help, I have storage bins piling up on one side of my garage. It’s always embarrassing opening and closing my garage door to park inside.

  8. Mine is also the hall coat closet. That thing is a disaster. Throw the coat in and run is just not working any longer!

  9. My pantry needs a little help. It is always a struggle to keep everything neat and available.

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