What to Wear to a Tropical Themed Party

If you’re wondering what to wear to a tropical themed party I’ve got you covered. I’m sharing tropical themed outfits for a Caribbean theme or Luau party. And whether you want to dress up in a kitschy attire or a lovely tropical theme dress, you’ll find ideas and resources here.

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What to Wear for a Tropical Party

Here’s a list of outfit ideas to wear to any tropical party, from a Havana theme to a Luau!

A while back, three of our neighbors collaborated and threw a family friendly luau party. It was the perfect inspiration for my next “what to wear” post! Don’t we all love a good luau or tropical themed party in the summer!

Here are some themed clothing ideas and affiliate links to buy them. You can also shop at places like Goodwill for Hawaiian print shirts. 

Traditional tropical outfit

Costume parties are fun but some tropical parties call for a bit more sophistication. Bright colors, floral prints, enamel jewelry, and straw bags are some of the signature pieces you’ll want to look for. Grab a lei and fruity drink served from a coconut cup and you’re all set to celebrate!

Simple Clothing Options

If you’re the shy type or you like to keep things more subtle, here are some tropical clothing items that may suit you.

  • A simple tropical tee shirt pairs well with jeans or shorts.
  • This kimono cardigan has several prints to choose from and the style is right on trend.
  • A tropical print top with white pants or shorts lets you dress the part while staying sophisticated and lovely.

Classic “dress up” tropical party attire

I think I love a good dress up party more now than I did in my 20’s! It’s so much fun to go all out with a tropical outfit that’s more like a costume. Here are some great choices for a Luau or Caribbean party.

Below you can see how my husband and I got decked out. I think he outdid himself! He found the tropical shirt at Goodwill for just a few dollars, and he bought the hat for our neighborhood wine festival (my daughter said he looked like a hipster) last month. I wore this bold printed dress that I’ve only worn in Florida because it’s just so…bold! Big earrings, some floral mule wedges, and a flower in the hair completed my look.

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