What to Wear to an Outdoor Wine Festival

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This past weekend our neighborhood social committee put together a wine and beer festival. It was tons of fun with local wineries & breweries, food trucks, and a live band. Even mother nature cooperated with a beautiful sunny day! It was held in the late afternoon and pretty hot so I knew I had to dress comfortably and cool. We also had to walk down from our house which is about 1/2 mile or so, which meant I needed comfortable shoes.

I thought it would be fun to share what I wore and inspire you for any local wine festivals you may be attending {or simple back yard parties}. The items shown are not the actual items I have – except for the dress – but they’re pretty similar and certainly have the same look.

  • Maxi Sun Dress – while I didn’t wear this particular dress, I did wear one made just like it with the elastic bodice and flowing skirt. This one is from World Market, which I own but it’s a little long on me for the shoes I was going to wear. A maxi is my favorite item of clothing for summer outings. I just don’t want anything confining in the heat and humidity. Also, this is easy to sit down on a blanket in, or dance to the band.
  • Straw Bucket Hat – I new I wanted a new hat to shade my face from the sun and I found one at TJMaxx the week before {from Calvin Klein no less} and just love it. It’s casual and practical and goes with any outfit. A must for late afternoon sunsets.
  • Sunglasses – ….of course! I love a classic frame that can take you anywhere. Make sure you buy sunglasses with UV protection for your eyes!
  • Flower Ring – I have a mixed metal flower ring that is one of my favorite accessories. It goes great with so many outfits, especially if I can’t decide on gold or silver. This orange flower ring is just as cute and goes with this dress beautifully.
  • Thong Wedge Sandal – If you know me you know I don’t wear flats for any type of social outing. My go to summer shoe is a low wedge thong sandal that’s easy to slip on and off. It provides height but the drop isn’t very high between the toe and heel so it’s comfortable to walk and stand in.
  • Drop Earrings – I love chandelier earrings and when I wear them I need something that will stand out against my hair. These brightly colored ones do just that. Make sure you buy light weight earrings so they don’t pull on your ears as you move your head around.
  • Insulated Wine Tumblers – At the wine festival we were provided with these insulated wine tumblers and I just love them! They have a lid so you won’t spill and the outer shell keeps your hand from warming up the wine. Ours were given by sponsors but these are made the same way and you can get them without the branding on it.

Find all the shopping information for these items here.

Do you ever go to wine festivals where you live? It’s one of my favorite things to do with friends and the fact that our neighborhood hosted one we could walk to, well, all the better!


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