Spring Inspiration for Outdoors

Love this quote by Leonardo da Vinci

Happy Friday, folks! It’s actually going to feel like Spring this weekend, with temps in the 80’s! I can’t wait to get outside and enjoy the patio and deck. With “outside” on the brain it’s the perfect time to share some inspiring links with you from around the web.

But first, speaking of inspiring…this quote! It’s from our old pal Leo and I love it. Late last summer we went to the da Vinci exhibit at the museum here in Richmond and saw so many of his inventions, notes, quotes, and more. He was so ahead of his time in his thinking, and the exhibit was filled with large canvases displaying his prolific quotes. I took some phone photos so I could remember to turn them into something pretty here. I think this is one we can all be reminded of sometimes.

Now, for some Spring inspiration for enjoying the outdoors:

  1. Why not get outside and enjoy a good old fashioned picnic?
  2. I’m pretty sure I’ll be making these sweet & salty treats soon…perfect to put into the picnic basket!
  3. If you’re staying close to home, get your garden ready with these plants that repel bugs naturally.
  4. Welcome guests with a pretty front porch, styled to perfection.
  5. Hey, it’s Rosé season, y’all!
  6. We’ve waited all winter to bring the entertaining outside onto the patio. This is a favorite garden party that’s featured in print in Cottage Country on newsstands now!

Have a great weekend. Cheers!

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